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Well Construction Technology Center

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The mission of the Well Construction Technology Center is to provide the Oil & Gas Industry with development and implementation of innovative technology that will improve the efficiency and economic viability of drilling, completions, and production operations.


The Well Construction Technology Center (WCTC) was established to aid the oil and gas industry in solving well-bore problems and conducting research projects. Using advanced technology and both field and lab scale equipment, the research carried out focuses on the flow of various fluids within differing environments of pressure and temperature through assorted pipe configurations.

The facility, initiated in 1991, began operation in 1993, and is readily available for industry use. A number of tests can be performed on a wide variety of fluids for such diverse functions as fracturing, drilling, cementing, and other applications.

Service and research areas at WCTC can be divded into the following categories:

  • Fluid rheology and characterization applications
  • Coiled tubing applications as industry joint project
  • Drilling simulation using field scale Drilling Rig Simulator
  • Development of cooperative projects
  • Training courses for the petroleum industry
  • Providing third-party tests