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B.S. GeoEnergy Engineering

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Announcing The New GeoEnergy Engineering Bachelor’s Degree!

GeoEnergy Engineering program is aimed at meeting the demand for education in emerging energy fields such as geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, renewable energy, energy storage and CO2 capture and sequestration. With the current energy transition globally, this new degree will strategically address the changes in the energy industry and prepare graduates for transitional energy initiatives. The coursework provides relevant content in line with the transitioning needs in global energy.

This forward-thinking degree will be a broad launchpad for the 21st century, preparing students to pursue any number of careers in traditional or renewable subsurface energy.

The curriculum has the following focus:

    ·         Subsurface engineering and geological characterization

    ·         Geothermal engineering and subsurface energy storage

    ·         Big data and machine learning for energy applications

    ·         Carbon capture, sequestration, and storage

    ·         Hydrogen produced from natural gas


GeoEnergy Engineers, Petroleum Engineers and Geologists will continue to be crucial in the next iteration of the energy industry. By embracing energy in transition, we are setting up our programs for success during the energy transition. Mewbourne School of Petroleum & Geological Engineering faculty are at the forefront of research to produce and use energy responsibly, and to ensure that we can meet the world’s energy needs now and for years to come.   

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Coordinator of Student Relations
SEC 1268


Administrative Manager, Industry & Alumni Liaison
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Bachelor of Science in GeoEnergy Engineering Major Code: B448

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