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B.S. Petroleum Engineering

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B.S. in Petroleum Engineering

The Petroleum Engineering undergraduate program is designed to allow students to graduate after successfully completing 129 credit-hours in a standard four-year plan. The program also ensures that students are able to successfully use and build upon engineering and scientific principles as they progress through the curriculum.  Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, under the General Criteria and the Petroleum and Similarly Named Engineering Programs Program Criteria.

Degree Requirements


Transfer Equivalencies

Students who transfer to OU from another institution often bring many credits with them that may be applied towards courses at OU. When questioning whether a course transfers to OU or not, the best reference is the Transfer Equivalencies Database.

For students transferring to OU with petroleum engineering coursework, some courses from outside institutions may not have been evaluated by MPGE yet, and, therefore, do not show in the database. If you have questions on whether or not a petroleum engineering course will be accepted, contact your college academic advisor. If a course needs to be reviewed, please submit a copy of the syllabus from the course along with a completed Transfer Equivalency form to your college academic advisor. They will forward the request to the appropriate faculty for review.