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As part of our curriculum, MPGE undergraduates are required to have an internship. You may have multiple internships during your time at OU, however, only one will be counted towards the fulfillment of MPGE's requirement.

In order to receive credit for your internship, you must enroll in PE 3222, which is offered during the fall semester each year, right after you finish your internship. You are required to complete a survey that provides MPGE with details about your internship and submit a paper that discusses your internship experience; details on all of this will be available in Canvas.

For an internship to count, it must be eight weeks of full-time employment (35+ hours per week). If you work for faculty doing research or laboratory work, you may use the experience for your internship provided that you are able to prove that you worked the equivalent of eight weeks of full-time employment during that period.

MPGE staff are great resources to turn to, and they are committed to providing opportunities throughout the year for students to find internships. If you are unable to complete an internship, though, you just need to take an additional petroleum engineering elective prior to graduating from the program.

International students that have an internship in the U.S. over the summer need to enroll in the summer section of PE 3222 in order to maintain their student visa, those with internships outside of the U.S., however, will enroll in PE 3222 during the fall semester.

To verify when you will enroll into PE 3222, use this chart:

When Should I Enroll in PE 3222?

Irani Center for Energy Solutions Internships

The Irani Center for Energy Solutions is the next step in energy education

At our Center on the University of Oklahoma campus, we provide best-in-class practical educational opportunities to students studying petroleum engineering, geology, geophysics, as well as students across campus in areas like energy management, entrepreneurship, economics, accounting and finance.


This unique program brings real-world, real-time projects from energy companies to the Center’s hub on the 14th-floor of Sarkeys Energy Center on OU’s Norman campus.


Students dissect existing oil and gas plays, prepare industry-styled type-curve and reserve reports, work on projects such as evaluating undeveloped zones for drilling/recompletion opportunities, evaluate re-stimulation, artificial lift and compression configurations for optimizing production, and evaluate petrophysical and geological characteristics of resource plays, etc.


Interdisciplinary teams of students are overseen by top faculty and seasoned industry professionals who provide expertise, insights and technical guidance. Non-disclosure agreements protect a company’s valuable and confidential information, and all findings and proposed solutions are professionally presented back to the company.

Classroom Meets Career

Participating in a project with the Irani Center for Energy Solutions means you will have the opportunity to work with a company on a real-world, real-time project. You and your team will provide the company with actionable results. Faculty oversight is in place, making the Irani Center the perfect bridge from classroom to career.

You will be differentiated and distinguished from your peers, both at OU and at other energy-focused universities. Skills learned are multi-disciplinary and practical. 

Entrepreneurial Attitude in a Corporate Environment

"Being an entrepreneur, in my mind, is not necessarily starting your own company. It’s how you approach a project or a problem." - Ronnie K. Irani

It is the vision of Ronnie Irani to advance students' careers by merging entrepreneurial problem solving skills with technical expertise in energy-related fields.

Alumni of I-CES will think and act like people who run energy enterprises. They will not just find jobs - they will help create jobs. 

The newly renovated Irani Center for Energy Solutions headquarters is on the 14th floor of Sarkeys Energy Center. It was designed to look and feel like an office space. Student teams have a dedicated space, access to industry-standard equipment like plotter printers and use of the Center's conference room. 

Proven Success

Student teams have analyzed more than 400 wells in Oklahoma and surrounding states and their work has garnered attention from the The Norman Transcript and The Oklahoman

Ronnie K. Irani Center for Energy Solutions