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The Energy Institute of Americas


The mission of the Energy Institute of the Americas is to engage in activities to support policies in the Western Hemisphere that:

  • Promote energy sector growth that is economically and environmentally sound
  • Further greater hemispheric self-sufficiency through dependable and competitively priced energy
  • Expand national and more integrated economies
  • Increase the quality of life for the peoples of the Americas


  • EDUCATE & TRAIN professionals in relevant technical, legal, economic and policy disciplines, in order to develop the skills and capacity required to address 21st century development and related environmental issues.
  • PROMOTE INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH on energy resouces through multinational projects of mutual benefit.
  • RESOLVE TECHNICAL PROBLEMS through the application of the research results.
  • SHARE relevant information for the energy industry of the Western Hemisphere through the network of relevant academic, industry, and government organizations of the Americas.  
  • PROVIDE information and contacts to business in Oklahoma who wish to pursue business opportunities in South America, Central America and Canada.
  • CREATE strategic links with Latin American organizations to develop academic and commercial  activities of mutual benefit.