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Talent: The Future Of The Industry

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Talent: The Future Of The Industry

By Luis F. Vergara, Marketing & Communications Specialist of the Energy Institute of the Americas at the University of Oklahoma

The future of the oil & gas industry brings with it a new set of challenges and opportunities, the industry is going through massive disruption and it is important to have the best professionals with innovative thinking to deal with these new challenges.

According to Finance Monthly, one of the challenges the oil & gas industry is going to deal with is competition for talent. The industry has to invest more than ever into attracting the best people to their business. Also, training and developing their knowledge and skills.

Education and professional training are very important issues for the future of the industry. The best way to achieve this professional, technical and managerial development is with new schemes in education and human resource training.

But, organizations are not the only responsible for the development of their employees. The professional has to assume an aggressive attitude in being the most responsible and interested in their own development and take every opportunity to improve their knowledge.

Training is one of the most important initiatives for any organization in any industry and the Oil & Gas is not the exception. We are living in an oil and gas transformation and organizations must reinvent their DNA to transform, grow and adapt to succeed. And who is the DNA of the organization? Their employees! People are the most important asset for an organization, and the organization is going to grow if people grow.

The future of oil and gas needs to be safer, smarter and digital. The industry needs professionals with innovative thinking, professionals who know how to think different helping the industry to be better for the business and for the world.

Developing employees help to escape the obsolescence of knowledge. Training will ensure that employees are more prepared and have more knowledge to deal with the digital and environmental challenges that the industry is dealing with.

Thinking in the future, some of the advantages of developing employees are:

  1. Employee Performance: Focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Technology and Digital Transformation: Providing technology-centric solutions
  3. Increase productivity: Achieving operational excellence
  4. Environmental performance: Safety and performance in oil and gas
  5. Reputation: Making your company and example for the industry
  6. Future of the industry: Fixing mistakes, improving the present, developing the future.

Training is one of the most profitable investments a company can make. It must be a continuous process because reality, technology, and knowledge do not stop changing and developing. The oil & Gas industry faces day to day changes, so we need better-trained personnel if we want to be more competitive and efficient for the business and the world.

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