E. coli Gene Expression Research Projects

Diauxie Regulation
Traxler, et al., Guanosine 5’,3’-bispyrophosphate coordinates global gene expression during glucose-lactose diauxie in Escherichia coli, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 2006, 103:2374-2379

Carbon Nutrition of E. coli in the Mouse Intestine
Chang, et al., PNAS, 2004, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 101:7427-7432

Acetyl Phosphate Functions as a Global Signal during Biofilm Development
Wolfe, et al., 2003, Mol Microbiol 48: 977-988

Gene Expression Profiling of Escherichia coli Growth Transitions
Chang, et al., 2002, Molec Microbiol 45: 289-306

GadXW Regulon and Glutamate-Dependent Acid Resistance
Tucker, et al., 2002, J Bacteriol 183: 6551-6558
Ma, et al., 2002, J Bacteriol 184: 7001-7012
Tucker, et al., 2003, J Bacteriol 185: 3190-3201
Ma, et al., et al., 2003, Mol Microbiol 49: 1309-1320

Expression Analysis of Escherichia coli Growing on Minimal and Rich Media
Tao et al., 1999 J. Bact., 181:6425-40

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