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Visiting the lab

We welcome OU, OUHSC, OMRF, and other external researchers are welcome to visit for consultation and discussion. We're also happy to meet for outreach and educational purposes. Please contact us to schedule and see our Tours and Outreach page for more information.

photo by Travis Caperton

Location on OU's Norman campus

The SRNML is located on the south oval of the University of Oklahoma Norman campus, distributed between three adjacent buildings: Noble Microscopy Laboratory (NML), Richards Hall, and George Lynn Cross Hall (GLCH). Additionally we support an SEM in the Sarkeys Energy Center (SEC). 

Noble Microscopy Lab (NML)
Google map to NML building
Entrances to the NML building
To get there come across the mall on the west side of the parking garage to George Lynn Cross Hall (Botany/Microbiology). You can enter through the doors on the south end of the building. Find the elevators and come up to the second floor. Upon exiting the elevator turn right and you’ll see the doors to the EM lab. Just come down the ramp to the lab.

George Lynn Cross Hall (GLCH)
Google map to GLCH building
second floor:
JEOL 2000FX TEM, room 221
JEOL 2010F TEM, room 38
ThermoFisher FE-ESEM, room 48
Zeiss NEON FE-SEM-FIB, room 18

Richards Hall
Google map to Richards Hall
Advanced light confocal and microscopes are located in the basement of Richards Hall, room 9.

Sarkeys Energy Center (SEC)
Google map to SEC building
FEI/TFS Quanta, room E218 (east side of 2nd floor, facing parking lot off of Trout)


The Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory is located to the west of the Asp Street parking garage attached to the OU football stadium (Owens Field). The parking lot can be accessed by travelling north on Asp from Lindsey St., in between Elm to the west and Jenkins to the east. The parking garage features pay stations on the 2nd level and faculty-staff parking on levels 3 and 4.  If arrangements are made, we also have visitor parking passes to share so you can park in the Visitor spaces.

Please see the links below for information and maps for visitor parking and contact us with any questions.