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Rumi Network: A site completely devouted to Rumi, an ancient Sufi poet, with writings translated by Shahram Shiva. Inside the Rumi Network, you can tour the extensive Rumi library, in Persian and English, learn how to whirl and view performances by Shahram Shiva.

Why Rumi?: An essay written by Elizabeth G. Lease that examines the question “why Rumi” as being the most universally influential poet in the east and the west.

Rumi Poetry: Offered in over ten languages, by five different translators, this site includes some of Rumi’s most popular poetry as well as poetry for different occasions.

Rumi Family Tree: Check out the family tree of the ancient Persian poet Rumi. This site traces the Mevlana family all the way from the thirteenth century up to the twenty first.

Saraswati Society: This Society consists of an English family and friends, who have inherited important value from ancient tradition based on the poems of Rumi.

Iranian Poets: An A to Z guide for contemporary and traditional Iranian poets and their poetry. Also includes a guide for the arts, news events, entertainment, community, music and much more for the Iranian American.

Turkish Poets: Provides a list of Turkish poets and their poetry dating back to the thirteenth century. Also included are “Turkish originals and English translations stand side by side” in a new addition to the site."

"Knowledge is To Understand": Yunus Emre (1238-1320) wrote the poem Knowledge is to Understand, this version is translated by Tanner Baybars along with Esrefoglu’s O my God.

Turkish Poetry in Context: Site includes poetry from medieval Turks, as well as a brief history of the Turkish people, and the poets who lived during this period, from Ashiq to Baqi.

Modern Turkish Poets: An alphabetical list of Turkish poets from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including a sample of their poems and a brief biography. Some poem links include illustrations.

Yunus Emre: A Google directory page that has four links to the Anatolian Sufi poet Yunus Emre. Sites include a biography of his life, several examples of his work translated by Turkish translators, and stories about the dervish.

Desert Poetry: “For Arab poets, the desert in its presence or absence is power…” This site is devoted to poets of Saudi Arabia and their attachment to the desert landscape.

Saudi Artists: A website completely devoted to Saudi Arabian artists, including photography, painting and poetry. Welcomes non-Saudi artists as well to contribute to their site.

Arab Radio: Poetry: Listen to poetry written by contemporary Arab poets from the Middle East broadcast from Arab radio. Site also includes thousands of Arab songs, interviews with Arabic artists and videos.

Naomi Shihab Nye: Naomi Shihab Nye is a Palestinian American poet and author whose won several prizes for her writing and continues to write in the U.S. about her heritage and experiences.

Poetry Project: Yemen: Through the World Bank’s Culture and Poverty Projects, Yemeni women will increase their literacy rate, and help perfect their poetry. This site gives a summary of what the plan consists of and how it will be put to action.

Qassim Haddad: This site is dedicated to the radical Arab poet, Qassim Haddad, who is a modern poet from Bahrain. "His determination to sculpt the Arab language into new forms is always guaranteed to cause a stir." He plays with words, hoping to revive Aribic poetry and create an Arabic renaissance.

Google directory of Middle Eastern poets.

General historical survey of Islamic literature. Includes listing of various types of poetry and literature throughout the caliphates.

Selection of Arabic poetry in both Arabic and English. The site also includes biographies of the poets.

Selections from medieval poets of Arabia. Part of the Medieval Sourcebook, including poetry by several caliphs and imams.

Selected Poets: Including Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal Poet of early 20th century, Yunus Emre The most significant literary figure of Turkish Anatolia to assimilate the teachings of Islam. Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi is one of the great spiritual masters and poetical geniuses and Mirza Ghalib

Contemporary Islamic poets. Includes streaming audio readings and welcomes amateur submissions.

Persian poetry and literature Overview.

Contemporary Iranian women poets Selections from and information about

Rumi Life and works of the medieval mystical poet, .

Site dedicated to Rumi and run by his descendents.

Rumi's Masnavi.Hypertext translation

Collection of poems on Kurdish issues written in or translated to English.

Turkish poetry in translation.Large collection

Palestinian poets selections and biographical information.

Mahmoud Darwish. Site dedicated to the Palestinian poet

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Includes biographical information and poetry

Academy of American poets exhibit on great Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai.

Collection of poetry in translation from various languages, including Arabic, Turkish and Hebrew

Turkish poet Cahit Zarifoglu. Site available in Turkish and English

Selection of Islamic poetry in Arabic. frontpage available in English or Arabic


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