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One Up Info: Algeria: An extremely thorough and informative page including information on various subjects from history to foreign policy to geography to religious minorities. This link takes you to the table of contents.

Tebessa, Algeria: Interesting site dedicated to the Algerian city of Tebessa, its history, culture and architecture

Monderberbere.com: Website dedicated to the Berber culture, one of the main cultures of Algeria and Northern Africa. (Available in Tamazight, French and English)

Algeria.com: many, many links to business, community, travel, culture, etc., in Algeria

Introduction to Rai Music of Algeria: explains rai music, a form of music founded in and exclusive to Algeria

Languages of Algeria: The Ethnologue's listing of languages. Includes links to SIL publications on Algerian Languages

Algerian Cuisine: Links to over twenty Algerian recipe pages, including soups, stews and desserts.


Algeria Energy Data: Facts and statistics concerning Algeria's principal industries, weekly crude oil prices, monthly crude oil production, annual energy and energy-related data.

Banque Nationale d'Algérie: (French) One of Algeria's five main banks, lists products and services, monetary indicators and statistics

Algerian Agency of Information: Economy: (French) Provides links to the Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Ministry of Industry and Reconstruction, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Algeria, and many other official Algerian economy sites.

Government and Politics

Algerian Free Officers Movement: critical of the government and the National Popular Army. Contains files and documents of the movement.

Society Movement of Peace: Relatively new opposition party containing information on the president of the movement, parliamentary group, and local elected councilors.

Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism: website of Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (French)


Algeria Interface: Bilingual (French/English) newspaper with information on politics, business, government leader profiles, etc. Run by Algerian and European journalists. Additionally, Features news briefs relevant to Algeria(ns) from all around the world.

Algeria Daily: A branch of Worldnews.com, with selected articles pertaining to Algeria from around the world; links to other Algeria news pages

Le Matin: established in 1991 by young journalists who wanted to create a modern, serious newspaper for Algeria; newspaper with largest circulation in Algeria (French)

El Moudjahid: voice of Algerian government; established in 1956 by Front National de la Liberation

Le Quotidien: considered one of the best newspapers in Algeria due to its history of objective reporting (French). Gives news specific to each region as well.



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