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Egyptian Student Association in North America: This page contains information on upcoming events and a links page.

Simone Web: Official site of Simone, a popular Egyptian actress and singer. Site includes photos and sound clips

The University of Memphis Institute for Art and Archaeology: This site includes an exhibit of artifacts and a tour of Egypt. Pictures and explanations of Egyptian artifacts are shown here

Egypt: The Complete Guide: Information on travel, guides in Egypt, recipes, event calendar, Egyptian magazine and articles on Egypt's culture.

Egy.com: Site that contains historical, community, attraction, and cultural information on Egypt.


Ministry of Foreign Trade: This site includes sections regarding trade agreements made between Egypt and other nations; it also includes economic and trade legislation in Egypt

Egyptian Capital Market Stock Quotes: This site features real time quotes and market news

American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt: The Chamber's history and mission in Egypt, highlights, activities, benefits, and publications. It also includes information on Egypt's key economic indicators

Government and Politics

The Egyptian Presidency: Official site of the Egyptian Presidency

Egyptian Shoura Assembly: Official site of Egypt's Shoura Assembly; the Egyptian "Senate

The People's Assembly: Official site of Egypt's People's Assembly; the Egyptian parliament. This web site includes the Egyptian constitution and information on People's Assembly members

Al Wafd Party: Official site of Hizb al-Wafd-al-Jadid, Egyptian political party. (Arabic and English)

Muslim Brotherhood: Information page of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement. Site provides their history and current objectives towards establishing an Islamic state

Egyptian Organization for Human Rights: Page outlines their goals and involvement in support and defense of human rights.

Embassy of Egypt, Washington D.C: Official page of the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. includes information on Egypt's government and economy

Egyptian Consulate General in San Fransisco: This informative site features information on Egypt for tourists and services for citizens in the San Francisco area, i.e. birth and death certificates and power of attorney translation.

Egypt State Information Service: Information about the State Information Service. Includes State related information like the national anthem and live TV Broadcasts from Egypt

Almishkat Centre for Research, Egypt: This is a social science research institute with information about the public opinion on critical issues on Egypt. These issues include Poverty, unemployment, child labor, issues related to Egyptian woman and Social Classes of Egypt.

Egyptian Green Party: Official website of the Egyptian Green Party


Egypt Today: English language magazine in Egypt; published monthly

Al Ahram Weekly Online: Al-Ahram Weekly, an English language newspaper published in Cairo

Cairo Times: The Cairo Times; the city's major newspaper

Business Today: Monthly magazine focusing on Egyptian business and economic development news.

ArabicNews.com: Online news site for Egypt and all of the Arab World

Egypt Daily News: This is the daily newspaper for Egypt


The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt: Information on the Coptic church with links to many other issues pertaining to the church

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