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Stanford University-Somalia Page: A page full of links to different aspects of Somaliland culture

BBC Profile -Somalia: BBC’sAfrica section especially on Somalia

Somalia History: In depth analysis of the history ofSomalia.

"Queen Arawelo's Palace": A page dedicated to the female aspect of Somalia.

Somalia Ethnic Map: A map of the Ethnicities of Somalia

Mohamed Buwe Osman Gallery: A Somalian born artist.

The Somali Resource and Heritage Center: A webpage with links to book, videotapes, etc. related toSomalia.

The Somali Language Page: A page on the languages ofSomalia.

Amoud University: One of the premier Somalian Universities homepage.

NomadNet: A detailed webpage on the nomads that roamAfrica and specially Somalia.


An MBendi Profile - Somalia: A general profile of facts about Somalia

The IMF and Somalia: The International Monetary Fund’s webpage on its interactions withSomalia.

CivicWeb: A proposal by a German consulting firm on how to fix the economy of the horn ofAfrica which includes Somalia.

Government and Politics

1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: The latest report available on the human rights practices inSomalia.

Worldwide Refugee Information: Detailed information on the refugee situation in and aroundSomalia.


Banadir: A Somalian Newspaper

Somali News: A Somali newspaper online.




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