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How-To Videos

Walk Me Through It

These videos will walk you and your family through common financial processes within the University. If your question isn't answered by a video, check our Frequently Asked Questions or Ask Your MoneyCoach!

Frequently Asked Questions       Ask My MoneyCoach

How to Complete FAFSA

The Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to apply for nearly all types of financial aid including federal, state, and institutional aid. The purpose of the FAFSA is to determine a family's ability to pay for college according to a federal calculation. The result is called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This figure is used by Financial Aid Services to determine how much and what types of aid may be awarded.

OU's Federal School Code - 003184

  1. Create a FSA ID
    The student and at least one parent of a dependent undergraduate student will need an FSA ID. An FSA ID is a username and password that you must use to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education (ED) websites. Your FSA ID identifies you as someone who has the right to access your own personal information on ED websites such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    Step by step instructions are available on the FAFSA website including online help and contact information. The Federal Student Aid Information Center has extended hours and may be reached by phone at 1-800-4FED-AID. Be sure to include OU's Federal School Code - 003184 - and your housing plans.

  3. Review your Student Aid Report
    After completing the FAFSA, an email is sent by Federal Student Aid to the student at the email address provided on the FAFSA. This email includes a link to the Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR includes instructions to review the information carefully and make any corrections necessary. If tax information was originally estimated, a request is sent by Federal Student Aid in mid-April to update your FAFSA information. Log into to make any corrections.

OU Financial Aid Services will normally receive your FAFSA results - the Student Aid Report (SAR) - 3 to 5 working days after completion or corrections are made.

How to Submit Missing Documents

Got an email about a missing document? You're in the right place! The videos below will help you complete your document and show you where to submit it.

The student’s Social Security number, date of birth, and legal name on their FAFSA  have to match EXACTLY what is entered when creating an SFC account.

Students can submit documents electronically using the SFC dropbox located here. 


How to Setup Billing and Payments

The Bursar is the part of the Student Financial Center that handles billing and payments. Below you'll learn how to an authorized user, make a payment, setup eRefunds, and much more!

Two emails will be sent to the person you have authorized to pay on your account. One with a username, the second with the password. This will happen within seconds. If the authorized user cannot find the email, have them look in their “Junk Mail” folder. They can then log in at Bill Pay.

Please pay your bill in full by the 25th of each month to avoid additional service charges and end of semester late penalty. Unpaid balances are subject to holds which will prohibit you from registering for classes and getting transcripts or diplomas.

The quickest way to make your payment is to pay electronically on the Web at Payments made online with an e-check from your checking or savings account or a credit card are easy and convenient and are posted to your account the same day.  

To stay in good financial standing with the university, students must pay each monthly statement in full by the 25th of each month, or be up to date on the university payment plan.

Bursar Services presents an electronic statement (eBill) each month a student account has activity (i.e. charges, credits, including paid-in-full). When a student account has designated authorized user(s), they will receive an email notification that the eBill is available for viewing.

For the quickest access to your disbursed financial aid, sign up for eRefunds. This will allow a refund of financial aid in excess of your eligible charges to be depsoited directly into your bank account.

How to Apply for Loans

Loans are funds that are borrowed and must be repaid. There are several types of student loan including federal, institutional, and private. Visit our Paying for OU page to understand the difference between types. The videos below will show you how to accept federal loans or apply for an OU Institutional Loan.

To apply for a federal student loan, you must first complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form. Once completed, you can accept your federal student loan(s) by following the process detailed below.

OU administers several institutional loan funds, which are available to students in addition to the Federal Direct Loans to help meet college costs. The loan requires a credit-worthy cosigner who earns at least $35K a year.