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What is BIT?

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OU Behavior Intervention Team

OU's Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a group of campus professionals who respond to referrals of disruptive or troubling behavior.

The team consists of members from key campus areas including: Enrollment Services & Financial Services, International Student Services, OUPD, Provost's Office, Residence Life, Student Affairs, and *University Counseling.

*While a member of the University Counseling Center serves on BIT, any information shared in a counseling session is completely confidential and not shared with BIT. The only information shared is consistent with state and federal privacy laws.

  • Provides consulation and support to faculty, staff, administration, and students in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behavior
  • Serves as the central point of contact for reporting problematic behavior
  • Assesses threat/risk
  • Coordinates follow-up
  • Connects individuals with appropriate campus and community resources

BIT is

  • Outreach based on care and concern. Every effort is made to help the individual succeed in the classroom or workplace.
  • A confidential reporting resource available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through the online referral form or (405) 325-7700.

BIT is not

  • Punitive. The focus of BIT is care and concern for the individual.
  • 911. If you feel that you or any other person is in immediate danger, call the proper authorities.

BIT Team Members

  • Scott Miller
    • Director, University Counseling Center — Chair
  • Katy Powers
    • BIT, Director of Outreach
  • Kent Ray
    • Deputy Chief of Police, OUPD
  • Kristen Partridge
    • Associate Vice President & Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Rhonda Dean Kyncl
    • Associate Dean for Students, Dodge Family College of Arts & Sciences
  • Nequel Burwell
    • Director of Residence Life
  • Robyn Rojas
    • Director of International Student Services
  • Chris Walker
    • Associate Provost
  • Dana Traylor
    • Financial and Payroll Coordinator, Office of Admissions and Recruitment - BIT Scribe
  • Matt Marks
    • Campus Care Coordinator, Student Affairs