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Monday, October 25  Available All Day Introducing CIWRO!   Available All Day Oklahoma Mesonet Calibration Lab Tour  Available All Day Oklahoma Department of Air Quality: How It’s Done  Available All Day FOX25: History of the Dust Bowl  Available All Day NOAA NWS WDTD Warning Demonstration
Image: NWF '21 Monday lineup



Welcome to the 2021 National Weather Festival!

Thank you for joining us once again for the Virtual 2021 National Weather Festival! We were thrilled to host over 150,000 of you in our first-ever virtual festival setting last year. Be sure to check-in each day for new and exciting content for all ages!

Don't forget - We will be hosting an in-person event for #NWF21 this Friday night: Outdoor Movie Night!



Introducing CIWRO!

It's official! We're excited to announce CIMMS is now CIWRO: the Cooperative Institute for Severe and High-Impact Weather Research and Operations. CIWRO will continue to address the major research themes that have been the focus of CIMMS and expand to include new areas. Led by the University of Oklahoma Research, CIWRO is comprised of a consortium of graduate degree-granting institutions, including Howard University, Penn State Research,  Texas Tech Atmospheric Science Group, and UAlbany’s Division for Research. Join us at 9am CDT on Monday, Oct. 25th for the premiere of “Plenty of Things to CIWRO!”. 

Video Premiere

"PLenty of things to CIWRO" Premiering at the NWF OCtober 2021. Learn about the individuals behind CIWRO, their hobbies, and advice for those interested in weather research.
Image: Plenty of Things to CIWRO

Oklahoma Mesonet Calibration Lab Tour

Ethan Becker, QA Meteorologist for the Oklahoma Mesonet, takes you from the Ken Crawford Demonstration tower to inside the Fred Brock Calibrations Laboratory. Learn how the Oklahoma Mesonet keeps their instruments used in the network in peak condition.

Oklahoma Department of Air Quality: How It’s Done

Join the Oklahoma Department of Air Quality as they take us behind the scenes of how air quality monitoring is completed, and the history of air quality monitoring. 

FOX25: History of the Dust Bowl

FOX25 Meteorologist Ross Mummah compares current drought conditions in Oklahoma to how bad they were in the 1930s and what all factors led to the infamous Dust Bowl. 

NOAA NWS WDTD Warning Demonstration

This video - led by WDTD instructor Jill Hardy - walks through the process of how the National Weather Service (NWS) issues warnings to protect life and property. This video first introduces the Warning Decision Training Division and how it fits in the NWS mission and is followed by a demonstration of issuing a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

National Weather Center (NWC): Virtual Tour

Please enjoy our newly created virtual tour experience for the National Weather Center (NWC) here in Norman, OK!  NWC Outreach Coordinator Kaitlin Frost takes you on a fully-guided tour of all the sights and sounds the NWC has to offer!