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Wednesday, October 27  Available All Day Oklahoma Mesonet Field Technicians   Available All Day Radar Innovations Lab Virtual Tour  Available All Day Oklahoma Department of Air Quality: The Air We Breathe  Available All Day Science Museum Oklahoma: Plume!  Available All Day Storms, Stress and Anxiety: Coping with Dangerous Weather
Image: NWF '21 Wednesday Lineup



Oklahoma Mesonet Field Technicians

The Oklahoma Mesonet contains more than 100 automated meteorological observation sites that provide critical weather information every 5-minutes, 365-days a year. They have incredible field technicians who travel to all these sites, at least 3 times per year at each site, performing maintenance and repairs. 

Radar Innovations Lab Virtual Tour

Join scientists from the Radar Innovations Lab as they take you on a behind-the-scenes look at radar research. Learn about next-generation radar technology, mobile radars, and severe weather!

Oklahoma Department of Air Quality: The Air We Breathe

Join the Oklahoma Department of Air Quality as they explain what exactly is in the "air we breathe" every single day!

Science Museum Oklahoma: Plume!

Science Museum Oklahoma has cooked up something spooky for us during #NWF21! Today we are making a smoke plume using liquid nitrogen and learning about temperature and gases!

Storms, Stress and Anxiety: Coping with Dangerous Weather

NWS Norman’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Rick Smith, brings us a fantastic presentation surrounding how we deal with storm anxiety. Storm anxiety affects many people, and this video talks about that anxiety and addresses ways to cope with it.

NWS Norman Basic Storm Spotter Training

The 2021 National Weather Festival is this month, and we will be hosting two special, virtual spotter training webinars! These are free and open to the public; all you will need to do is register and attend! Please attend this basic training first before moving onto the Advanced Training later in the week.

Register here

Storm Spotter Training, NWS - Norman, OK. Online training Webinar, Tuesday 26th, 2021 at 6:30pm. Learn about severe storms, Live online class on your computer, class is free and open to everyone, lasts around 2 hours, special course for the 2021 virtual NWF!
Image: Storm Spotter Training