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Oklahoma Fault Database

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Oklahoma Fault Database

An interpreted fault map has been compiled from oil and gas industry data and published literature and published as an Open-File Report (OF2-2016). Most of the faults from the published literature are documented in this Open-File Report and in the supplement to Open-File Report 3-2015. This map is compiled from the Oklahoma Fault Database, which continues to be updated as additional fault information is available. The faults shown here represent one interpretation of all the faults in the Oklahoma Fault Database being compiled by the OGS.

OF2-2016. Comprehensive Fault Database and Interpretive Fault Map of Oklahoma, by Stephen Marsh and Austin Holland. 2 plates with supplement. 15 pages. 2016.
Document (PDF) | Plate 1 (PDF) | Plate 2 (PDF) | GIS-compatible files (ZIP)

Additional Fault-Related Publications

OF1-2016. Oklahoma Fault Database Contributions from the Oil and Gas Industry, by Stephen Holloway, Austin Holland, and G. Randy Keller. 9 pages. 1 plate with supplement. 2016.
Document (PDF) | Plate 1 (PDF) | GIS-compatible files (ZIP)

OF4-2015. Preliminary Optimal Oklahoma Fault Orientations by Amberlee P. Darold and Austin A. Holland. 1 plate with supplement. 2015.
Document (PDF) | GIS compatible files (ZIP) | GeoTiff (TIF)

OF3-2015. Preliminary Fault Map of Oklahoma by Austin A. Holland. 1 plate with supplement. 2015.
Plate 1 (PDF) | Supplement (PDF) | GIS compatible files (ZIP)