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Educational Publications

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Educational Publications

Educational Publications from the Oklahoma Geological Survey are published as general information about a geologic subject and are intended for use by educators and students as well as the general public.

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Search by any keyword, including author, location, partial title, or year. If a publication is not available for download or you would like a printed hard copy, please contact the Publication Sales Office at or 405-325-1299 to inquire about availability.

Publication Title
Educational Publication 10Dot-To-Dot Earth Science Activities for Grades 1-6, by James R. Chaplin. 63 pages. 2011.
Educational Publication 9Earth Science and Minerals Resources of Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson and Kenneth V. Luza, Editors. 21 pages. 2008.
Educational Publication 8Oklahoma geology for earth science teachers/students grades 6-12, by James R. Chaplin. 104 pages. 2003.
Educational Publication 7Reading topographic maps - activities for earth science teachers and students, by James R. Chaplin. 82 pages. 2001.
Educational Publication 6Oklahoma generalized geologic time scale - the story told by rocks, by James R. Chaplin. Full color, 22x34 in. poster. 1999; 2nd printing, 2001.
Educational Publication 5Guide to resources for earth science information in Oklahoma, by Neil H. Suneson. 76 pages. 1996.
Educational Publication 4Guidebook for geologic field trips in north central Oklahoma, by John D. Naff. 42 pages, 52 figures, 43 field trip sites. 1981.
Educational Publication 3Northwest Oklahoma. Book II of Guidebook for geologic field trips in Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson. 42 pages, 54 figures, 26 field trip sites. 1972; 5th printing, 1999.
Educational Publication 2Introduction, guidelines, and geologic history of Oklahoma, Book I of Guidebook for geologic field trips in Oklahoma, by Kenneth S. Johnson. January 1971. 15 pages, 16 figures, 7 photographs, 1 table.
Educational Publication 1Geology and earth resources of Oklahoma-An atlas of maps and cross sections, by Kenneth S. Johnson, Carl C. Branson, Neville M. Curtis, Jr., William E. Ham, Melvin V. Marcher, and John F. Roberts. July 1972. 8 pages. Introductory text and 6 map sheets showing topography, geomorphic provinces, geology, mineral resources, oil and gas, and water resources, plus one sheet of cross sections.