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Bottom Hole Pressure Monitoring

The Water, Environmental and Engineering Group at the Oklahoma Geological Survey is working to understand the Arbuckle Group of Oklahoma and how it relates to induced seismicity in the State. Our team has installed 14 pressure transducers in abandoned Arbuckle salt water disposal (SWD) wells to constantly monitor pressure and temperature. From this pressure data, we can determine rock properties of the Arbuckle Group (transmissivity, storativity, permeability, porosity, etc.) and the current pressure trends. This information will help us better understand why and how saltwater injection has contributed to the increase in Oklahoma earthquakes. Our team has also installed telemetry (pictured below) to remotely send pressure data. This project is being funded by the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association.

This project includes:

Regional Arbuckle Group Characterization in formation level detail from geophysical logs and core      

Analysis of pressure monitored data to calculate transmissivity, storativity, compressibility and permeability from earth tides

Installation of pressure transducers and data monitoring from inactive waste-water injection wells

Presentation of results to local agencies and organizations

Installation of a pressure transducer in an abandoned Arbuckle SWD well
Installing a pressure transducer in an abandoned Arbuckle saltwater disposal well. This pressure data will help us derive rock properties of the Arbuckle Group and understand seismicity as a result of saltwater disposal into the Arbuckle Group
Telemetry System
A telemetry system used remotely send pressure and temperature data to the OGS home station located at Sarkeys in Norman, Oklahoma.