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Brian J. Cardott

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Brian J. Cardott

Brian J. Cardott

Brian established the Organic Petrography Laboratory (OPL) at the Oklahoma Geological Survey in 1981. His primary research involved gas shales and tight oil (primarily the Late Devonian–Early Mississippian Woodford Shale), coalbed methane, and the petrologic characterization of coals, hydrocarbon source rocks, and solid hydrocarbons (e.g., asphaltites and asphaltic pyrobitumens) of Oklahoma. 

Brian has written more than 60 articles and books on coal, coalbed methane, gas shales, unconventional energy resources, hydrocarbon source rocks, solid hydrocarbons, organic weathering, vitrinite reflectance, and graptolite reflectance.

Brian is a member of The Society for Organic Petrology (serving as President, 1995-1996), International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (serving as President of the Energy Minerals Division, 2004-2005), Geological Society of America, and the Oklahoma City Geological Society.

Brian retired from the Oklahoma Geological Survey in June 2021 after 40 years of service.