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OK Project Archaeology

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Project Archaeology in Oklahoma

Project Archaeology is a national program, supported nationally by the Institute for Heritage Education [insert link here:] and Southern Utah University – and in Oklahoma, by our very own Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network! By collaborating with educators, descendent community members, and archaeologists, Project Archaeology produces curricular materials about archaeology for K-12 classrooms and hosts professional development workshops for educators. These inquiry-based curricular materials are based on real archaeological sites and aim to teach students four Enduring Understandings:

  1. Understanding the past is essential for understanding the present and shaping the future.
  2.  Learning about cultures, past and present, is essential for living in a pluralistic society and world.
  3.  Archaeology is a systematic way to learn about past cultures.
  4.  Stewardship of archaeological sites and artifacts is everyone’s responsibility.

To learn more about Project Archaeology curriculum, visit Project Archaeology’s website:

Want to bring Project Archaeology to your classroom? Sign up for one of our professional development workshops! Learn from real archaeologists how to teach about archaeology and what it, alongside other ways of knowing the past, can tell us about people in the past and communities today.

For more information, visit Project Archaeology in Oklahoma’s Facebook page or email the State Coordinator for Project Archaeology, Meghan Dudley (


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