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Speakers Bureau

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Speakers Bureau

Organizing an event but can’t find the right speaker for it? Let OKPAN Speakers Bureau help you! The Speakers Bureau is intended to be a resource for event organizers by compiling a list of anthropologists in Oklahoma who have volunteered to be potential speakers at events.

Before accessing the document to request a speaker or before joining the Speakers Bureau, please take a few minutes to review the information below.

Because we are continuously updating the list, be sure to check for the latest version of the OKPAN Speakers Bureau here by clicking the button below. To join the Speakers Bureau, complete the Speakers Bureau enrollment form at the bottom of this page, or click here to access the form on a new page.

Click here to view the Speakers Bureau (PDF)

For Event Organizers

Before considering inviting a speaker to your event, please read through the Speakers’ Bureau guidelines and remember:

  • Request a speaker no less than one month in advance of your event. If you do not give a speaker enough time to prepare, they will be unable to present at your event!
  • Speakers have the right to turn down a speaking opportunity, as schedules and availability can vary during the year.
  • Please be respectful toward your speaker. They are not getting paid to participate and are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts!

For Bureau Speakers

If you are a member of the Bureau or thinking becoming a part of it, please read through the Bureau’s guidelines and consider the following:

  • Please be respectful of event organizers and organizations when presenting a talk. We are all here to learn!
  • Know your audience and consider adjusting your talks accordingly.
  • Although you have the right to decline a speaking opportunity if you are unable to attend, please make an effort to present when contacted in a timely fashion.