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Westheimer Airport is a general aviation Reliever airport capable of handling aircraft up through and including executive class jet aircraft. The Reliever category, as specified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is given to two airports serving the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area. These airports are Wiley Post Airport (owned and operated by the City of Oklahoma City Airport Trust) and The University of Oklahoma’s Max Westheimer Airport.

A broad variety of aircraft services are provided by a fixed base operator (FBO) and specialty shops, including flight training, major airframe and powerplant repairs, fueling, tie-downs, etc. The University owns and operates 40 T-hangars and 7 corporate size hangars, all of which are for lease by airport patrons. Private investors have built and currently occupy an additional 22 hangars.

FBO = Cruise Aviation 405.360.3900

Airframe & Powerplant Repairs = O’Neill Aircraft 405.360.2933

Avionics Services = Phil Steele 405.360.5400 Valair Kirkpatrick Electronics 405.329.0898

University of Oklahoma Sooner Flight Academy = 405.325.1635

University of Oklahoma Aviation Department = 405.325.7231 

Ozzie’s Diner = 405.364.9835

Hangar Rentals and Ground Lease Information = 405.325.0530