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Student Staff Team

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Camp Crimson Student Staff

Small Group Leaders (SGLs)

Small Group Leaders are students who volunteer their time to welcome new students to OU during Camp Crimson. SGLs lead and support a small group of new students throughout the Camp Crimson experience. Small groups are a great way for students to start making connections and building friendships before classes even begin!

Camp Guides

Camp Guides are an integral part of the Camp Crimson experience. Camp Guides serve as the main support system for Small Group Leaders. They help execute recruitment and training of SGLs and serve on various committes during the Fall and Spring semesters. During Camp Crimson, Camp Guides support the execution of events and ensure that SGLs are supported throughout the experience. 

Executive Team

The Executive Team is a group of student leaders who dedicate their time and energy into the planning and execution of Camp Crimson. The Exec Team works closely with our professional staff to develop programs and events, trains and develops the Camp Crimson student staff, and executes the eight-day program.