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Information for High School Counselors

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Information for High School Counselors

As you are advising students about what classes to take this upcoming semester, we hope you will consider recommending a Concurrent Enrollment course at the University of Oklahoma! We would love to come visit your high school or speak with you about the opportunities for your students at OU!

Benefits of OU Concurrent Enrollment

Here are some of the many reasons for your students to choose Concurrent Enrollment at OU, including:

  • OU offers a special discounted rate for high school students. Because the state policy allows OU to waive tuition for qualified Oklahoma high school seniors, they will only pay just $80 per credit hour. (Juniors and non-resident students do not qualify and will pay tuition but get the discounted fee rate.)
  • We offer Priority Undergraduate Admission for Concurrent Enrollment students at OU who attain a 3.00 GPA in 12 or more University-Level credit hours at the OU-Norman campus before the end of their fall semester senior year. Students must have a 22 ACT composite or higher, apply to OU as an incoming freshman by Feb. 1st of their senior year, and have a good record of citizenship to be eligible.
  • We offer unique classes from some of OU’s most notable professors. Check out our list of featured courses. Students can take courses like Introduction to Sociology or Political Science to fulfill general education requirements.
  • There are different ways to experience Concurrent Enrollment courses at OU.  Students can take a class on our Norman campus, choosing from hundreds of courses to find one that fits their schedule. Or students can take a class online. 

Counselor Resources

  • If you want to check a degree sheet for a Concurrent Enrollment student, in order to decide which courses students should be enrolling in, visit this website:
  • The Advanced Placement Program (AP) allows high school students to take examinations for credit at the college level. On the following website is a list of AP examinations for which OU awards credit. Visit the Advanced Placement Program table for more information.