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Why Concurrent Enrollment

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Why Concurrent Enrollment at OU?

There are endless benefits to choosing Concurrent Enrollment at the University of Oklahoma. Our Concurrent Enrollment students have the opportunity to start earning college credit SOONER and could be eligible for Priority Undergraduate Admissions as incoming freshman! 

Concurrent Enrollment at OU

Priority Undergraduate Admission

Students can take Concurrent Enrollment at the University of Oklahoma starting their junior year and receive Priority Undergraduate Admission if they complete the following guidelines:

  • Students must attain a 3.00 GPA in 12 or more University-Level credit hours at the OU-Norman campus by the end of their fall semester senior year
  • Have a 22 ACT composite or higher
  • Apply for OU Admission by February 1 of senior year

*Students must have good record of citizenship to be eligible 

Academic Excellence

Our CE students are immersed in a dynamic academic community that values excellence in teaching, research and experiential learning, and one that provides unique classes taught by professors who truly care about your success.

  • Many of our academic programs rank at the top in the nation. Completing a class from OU is sure to impress on any college admission application!
  • Concurrent Enrollment classes are taught by some of OU’s most notable professors. These professors will care about your success and will be available if you have questions.
  • OU offers several unique classes that you will not find anywhere else in the state.
  • You may wish to take advanced coursework in areas you have already begun to study, such as mathematics, science, etc. to fulfill a Gen Education credit. Or, you may choose to examine entirely new fields to explore major or minor options while you are still in high school!
  • Small class size (OU’s average class is 33 students)

OU Faculty/Staff Support

We promise to support you throughout your CE experience, including one-on-one advising and OU representatives who are available if you have questions.

  • One-on-One Advising: You will be academically advised each semester as a Concurrent Enrollment student. You can get a head start planning your major/career path with your OU academic advisor! Haley Lee is the Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator at OU and she is available to assist Concurrent Enrollment students through the admission, advising, and enrolling process! You can contact her at (405) 325-5050.

Engaging College Experience

Beyond getting ahead in your college career and challenging yourself in exciting classes at a premier academic institution, CE allows students to begin experiencing the SOONER MAGIC sooner. 

  • Concurrent Enrollment students will get to experience what life is like as a college student on OU's campus.
  • You will get the chance to participate in opportunities and events on campus like the Major-Minors in order to get a jump start on figuring out what major is right for you.
  • Take advantage of OU Admissions & Recruitment events designed to meet the needs of high school students and answer any questions you have about OU! Check out their website for a list of events going on this year!
  • There are academic support services like, Action Tutoring and the Writing Center, that students will have full access to. 

If you have questions, please email