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Requirements Prior to Orientation

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Requirements Prior to Orientation

There are requirements every student must complete prior to scheduling your New Sooner Orientation Day and additional requirements to help students prepare for their designated Orientation Day. Please read through all of the requirements below! 

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Requirements Prior to Scheduling your Orientation Day

Complete the required steps below prior to scheduling your New Sooner Orientation Day. These steps must be completed before you will have access to the New Sooner Orientation Day scheduling system.

Visit and click “New to OU? Set up your OU account.” You'll need your Sooner ID number (included in your admission letter) to create your account. Once your account has been set up, you'll see your OUNet ID (usually 4 letters and 4 numbers) and your OU email address. Take a moment to write these down along with the password that you set up. You'll use these to access and complete your post-admission checklist!

This OU account will follow you through your time at OU and will also provide access to OU resources such as enrollment, grades, course materials, computer labs, OU Libraries resources, and more. This OU account is also what you’ll use to sign in to your official OU email at If you need assistance, please call OU IT at (405) 325-4357.

Incoming freshmen (only Fall admits) must submit an Enrollment Deposit.


Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the New Sooner Survey here.

Requirement Prior to Attending Your Orientation Day

Complete the step below prior to attending your New Sooner Orientation Day!

Submit all official AP scores to the University of Oklahoma from the CollegeBoard Website. Submit all official and complete transcripts from your high school and any college or university you have attended, including concurrent enrollment courses, once the semester is finished and grades are posted.

Official transcripts should be mailed to:

Office of Admissions & Recruitment
1000 Asp Ave Room 127
Norman OK 73019-4076

For additional information about submitting transcripts contact the Office of Admissions & Recruitment at 405-325-2151 or email

The University of Oklahoma recognizes the hard work students have already completed in their AP courses. In response to COVID-19, the College Board has made modifications to 2020 AP Exams. In order to support our students and their plans for AP credit, OU will continue to award and honor credit based on previous evaluations. For more information on AP Scores, visit OU's Advanced Placement Chart.

Did you apply with self-reported scores on your OU application?

In order to be placed into the right classes at OU during New Sooner Orientation, you MUST send your official ACT or SAT test scores. Without sending your official test scores for verification, you will be required to complete all three course placement assessments, including math, reading, and English. However, once we have your official scores, depending on your score you may be excused from these assessments, so send your official scores ASAP! Please have your official test score report sent to OU directly from ACT or the College Board (for SAT).  

Once we receive and review your official scores, your assessment may be canceled (if you've scheduled one), if no longer needed. If you have additional questions regarding assessment, please contact

If you need any assessments, you will be prompted to schedule your assessments when you register for your New Sooner Orientation Day. 
  • Math Offer/Assessment
    • When registering for your New Sooner Orientation Day, you will either receive a math offer or register for a math assessment:
  • Math Offer
    • Some students will receive a math offer when registering for an Orientation Day. Your math offer will include the most ideal course for you to start in relative to your major based on your high school academic experiences. It is very important you send OU any updated ACT/SAT scores as soon as possible, so you can receive your most accurate math offer. You can review your math offer by logging in to your New Sooner Orientation registration confirmation page. Your academic advisor will go over your math offer during your New Sooner Orientation Day. 
    • For additional information or questions about your math offer or how it relates to major interests, please email or by phone at (405) 325-4336.
  • Math Assessment 
    • If you would like to be placed into a higher math course or you did not receive a math offer, you can assess with our ALEKS math assessment. If you have questions about your math offer, the math assessment, concurrent enrollment credit, AP/IB exams, or credit from another university,  view our math offer FAQ page
    • You will schedule your assessment through your New Sooner Orientation registration. If you need to reschedule your math assessment, click here:
    • Please see our Math FAQ for any questions you may have regarding the math assessment. For additional questions email or call 405-325-4336.
  • English Assessment
    • Please see additional information regarding the possible need to take the English Assessment. Submitting ACT/SAT scores or concurrent enrollment transcripts could eliminate the need for this assessment.
  • Reading Assessment
    • Please see additional information regarding the possible need to take the Reading Assessment. Submitting ACT/SAT scores or concurrent enrollment transcripts could eliminate the need for this assessment.
  • Foreign Language Assessment
    • Are you interested in studying a foreign language at OU?  If so, consider taking a foreign language placement test prior to your NSO appointment. You can find additional information and sign up for a virtual assessment here: 
    • You will be able to discuss foreign language courses in more depth during your one-on-one advising appointment during New Sooner Orientation.

In order for your advisor to best prepare for your advising session, it is essential that you complete and submit the brief New Sooner Orientation 2022 Questionnaire as soon as possible, but at least 3 days prior to your NSO day. (only for Fall admits)

Pre-Advising Questionnaire


Additional steps

OU MoneyCoaches partner with you to develop a plan to fund your college degree. By completing the Financial Success Plan prior to your New Sooner Orientation Day, you will lay the foundation for your work together. You will have the opportunity to meet your personal MoneyCoach before the Fall semester, who will introduce you to the many financial opportunities we offer and help complete your Financial Success Plan for college. Your MoneyCoach will serve as your financial advisor throughout your time at OU and will be there to celebrate with you as you earn your OU degree. We encourage you to visit with your family as you work on your Financial Success Plan.

Financial Success Plan


Before your New Sooner Orientation advising session, we encourage you to watch the brief Advising 101 video to learn some of the basics of General Education requirements, credit hours, and academic advising at the University of Oklahoma.


If you are undecided or not sure if your current major is the right fit, complete the 15-minute MyMajors assessment to explore your opportunities. More than 80% of college students change their major at least once in college. Taking this free assessment will allow students to receive a list of their best-fit majors at The University of Oklahoma. MyMajors can help give clarity to your uncertainties before you meet with your OU academic advisor.



If you are wanting to further explore your major and career decision by better understanding yourself, academic major options, and career pathways, complete the SuperStrong Assessment. The SuperStrong helps students identify their interests and expands their understanding of how interests can support academic and career success with up-to-date data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and Occupational Information Network (O*NET).  This personalized platform is designed specifically for college students and suggests academic majors, career paths, and OU resources that are a good match for your areas of interests, preferences, and personal style. The free assessment takes 5-10 minutes and can be taken via computer, cell phone, tablet, or any other electronic device.


To access the SuperStrong Assessment, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Sign Up" and use access code uofoklahoma-sooners to create a new account. This account will allow you to access your results anytime.
  3. After creating an account, the system will prompt you to begin the assessment. 
  4. You will immediately see your results after completing the assessment.
  5. Follow up with a Major & Career Exploration Coach if you have additional questions!


The University of Oklahoma provides individualized support services to help students achieve success. To encourage full participation for students with disabilities and help ensure equal educational opportunity, the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center provides a variety of support services, many of which have been developed in response to expressed student needs. For more information, visit: Students who were on Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) in high school and other students needing individualized support should learn more about the resources provided by the DRC to help students thrive.


Need help? Email us at