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Virtual Program

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Start Sooner Virtual Program

Start Sooner students have the option to participate in the Start Sooner program virtually. Similar to the in-person format, students will enroll in two 4-week courses, earning 6 college credit hours. Through this option, students will have the opportunity to jumpstart their first-year experience at the University of Oklahoma on their own time.

In coordination with Start Sooner's in-person format, students have the option to participate in the program virtually. This online format includes the academic classroom experience but not the community residential experience. Participating online students will:

  • Earn 6 college credit credit hours through a general education and University College Seminar course taken on their own time
  • Benefit from OU campus resources designed to amplify their first-year and OU experience
  • Connect with Discovery Guides, who serve as student peer mentors

Start Sooner's virtual format is meant to help students succeed in their first-year experience. We have developed this format to resemble the success of our in-person program, and we are dedicated to ensuring a worthwhile experience.

We recommend this format to students who are traveling or working throughout the summer, or those unable to live on campus for the month of July. For more information regarding the virtual format, or if you are wondering if this option is right for you, please contact us at

Students interested in Start Sooner's virtual format should select "Virtual Program" when submitting the online registration. For more information regarding the step-by-step registration process, please visit our Registration page.

Students participating in Start Sooner's virtual format will enroll in two 4-week courses earning 6 college credit hours. Students will select a general education course from a pre-approved list, as well as enroll in a University College Seminar course. These courses will be conducted virtually through either a video conference or online format.

Video conference courses will:

  • Be indicated as "Video Conference VIDC" under "Location"
  • Meet via Zoom during the scheduled time
  • Utilize synchronous learning, which relies heavily on video and online communication
  • Allow instructors to lecture and students to ask questions and receive feedback live

Online courses will:

  • Be indicated as "Online Course" under "Location"
  • Not meet via Zoom during a schedule time unless otherwise stated by the instructor
  • Utilize asynchronous learning, which allows students to navigate the course at their own pace while still meeting deadlines

Start Sooner students participating in the virtual format will still have access to student academic resources offered across campus.

For more information regarding course selections and academics, please visit our Academics page.

Virtual Start Sooner students should refer to our Cost & Aid page for detailed information regarding the cost of the program, including the costs for Oklahoma and Non-Oklahoma residents.

Virtual students should note that the total cost will not include Housing & Food, and the Start Sooner Program Fee will be reduced to $75.

Please note that the total cost does not include additional course fees, textbooks, and classroom supplies.

Similar to students who choose Start Sooner's in-person format, virtual students will still have access to campus and staff resources.

Virtual students will be assigned a Discovery Guide, one of our student peer mentors, who will meet with the student periodically throughout the month to check in on their progress and transition to college.

Additionally, virtual students will have access to all of the university's academic resources, which are also provided virtually. These resources include:

  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Action Tutoring
  • Writing Center
  • Career Services
  • OU Libraries
  • Student Life
  • and much more!

Although Start Sooner's virtual format will not include in-person programming, such as weeknight events and Saturday trips, students will still have access to university events, which may be held either in-person or online.

If you have any questions about the program or registration process email or call 405-550-3659.