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Virtual Server Hosting

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OU Research Cloud (OURcloud)

The OU Research Cloud ("OURcloud") allows research teams to create new virtual servers without having to acquire, deploy and manage physical resources themselves, not only simplifying the process of expanding computing resources but also professionalizing resource management.

OURcloud can be used for open research services that are inappropriate for HPC resources, such as databases, interactive computing, etc.

OURcloud Pricing

One Time Setup Fee: $43.54 (includes 2.5GB of disk space backed up nightly, and basic maintenance)

Monthly Charges:

  • Fixed Monthly Charge: $45.84 (includes 2.5GB of disk space backed up nightly, and basic maintenance)
  • Additional RAM Charge: $1.53 per GB
  • Additional Disk Charge: $17.32 per TB (first 2.5GB is free; additional disk space is not backed up)

Basic labor and system administration is provided at no additional costs. This includes: base setup of the virtual machine, performing routine Operating System patching, etc.

Advanced maintenance and labor, as determined by OSCER, will incur a $50/hr charge. OSCER will notify you when a requested task qualifies as advanced maintenace or work before fulfilling the request.

Estimate Your OURcloud Usage Costs

Click here to get a quick estimate on how much it costs to host your virtual servers on OURcloud.

Note to Researchers:
OURcloud charges paid via external funds such as grants *ARE* subject to Indirect Costs. The latest IDC rates can be found on the Office of Research Services' Rate Agreement section.

Interested In Using OURCloud?