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Large Scale Research Data Archiving

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Oklahoma PetaStore

Funded by an NSF MRI grant (“Acquisition of Extensible Petascale Storage for Data Intensive Research,” OCI-1039829, $792,925, 10/01/10 - 09/30/14, PI H. Neeman), OSCER maintains an extensible petascale storage instrument – the Oklahoma PetaStore – that combines capacity for multiple Petabytes (millions of GB) of each of disk and tape, to enable faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates at institutions across Oklahoma to build large and growing data collections.

The focus is on equipment into which many media (tape cartridges) can be placed, with the MRI grant funding far more slots than media, so that research teams can purchase their own media, allowing capacity to grow to multiple PB in concert with OU’s and Oklahoma’s evolving and emerging needs. The Petastore is provided to academic users at no usage charges; researchers pay for media costs only.

Please review the Petastore Policies and Procedures for information regarding usage, best practices, costs and purchase process.


IBM DCS9900 (IBM-branded DataDirect Networks S2A9900) Disk System
Disk Drive Format: SATA
Disk drive capacity, each, raw: 2TB
Current number of drives: 300 2TB SATA 7200 RPM
Current capacity: ~430 TB useable
Maximum capacity: ~1.7 PB useable (2 TB, 1200 disk drives in 2 frames)
IBM TS3500 Tape Library
Tape format: LTO-5
Tape cartridge capacity, each, native: 1.5 TB
Current number of drives: 4 LTO-5 (140 MB/sec peak each)
Current number of tape cartridges: 100 LTO-5
Current capacity, native: 150TB native
Maximum capacity, native, as configured: 4.3 PB (LTO-5, 2889 cartridges in 3 frames)
Maximum capacity, native, maximal system: 34 PB (LTO-5, 22,689 cartridges in 18 frames)
(Note that "native" means "not compressed by the tape library.")

Note that this tape library is used for bulk data archiving.

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