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Spin-out companies based on OU research contribute to the economic development of the state and can be an effective mechanism through which to commercialize impactful innovation. Since creation, the Office of Technology Commercialization has contributed to 35 diverse start-ups, a few of which are highlighted here.

Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Corp. is based on technology developed by Dr. Anne Pereira at the OU Health Sciences Center. Its core technology is development of a novel antibiotic peptide for use in treatment of serious hospital-acquired infections, including those resistant to current antibiotics.


CHASM is a privately held, independent specialty chemical firm that manufactures single-wall carbon nanotubes for a broad array of specialty products. Customized CHASM nanotubes are available for application development.


Choncept LLC

Choncept is a biotech company focused on development of technology from Dr. Paul DeAngelis, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, to produce chondroitin sulfate, part of a protein molecule naturally found in the body that gives cartilage elasticity. Modified chondroitin is known for its anti-coagulant properties. 

Hyalose LLC

Hyalose formed to commercialize the recombinant technology of Dr. Paul DeAngelis and Dr. Paul Weigel, has licensed its hyaluronic acid (HA) production technology for fermentation of HA to Novozymes Biopolymer A/S. Its SelectHA and NanoHA products enable better control of polymer synthesis and the creation of novel molecules.  

Heparinex LLC

Heparinex  is a biotech company with core platforms developed by Dr. Paul DeAngelis that create methods of producing bacteria for heparosan and in vitro-defined polymer syntheses. The company’s commercial focus is on the novel recombinant synthesis of compounds for (a) the growing anti-coagulation market, (b) a poly[ethylene glycol] (PEG) substitute in the drug delivery market, and (c) the replacement of Botox, collagen and hyaluronic acid as a cosmetic wrinkle remover.  

Pure Protein LLC

Pure Protein focuses on the discovery of new targets to diagnose, prevent and treat infectious disease and cancer. Its core technology platform, developed by Dr. William Hildebrand, allows the production of large quantities of immune surveillance proteins, provides unique insight into the inner workings of diseased cells, and offers a unique toolset for evaluating and improving vaccines as well as reducing unwanted allergic reactions from bio-therapeutics.

Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp. developed therapeutics to treat inflammatory and thrombotic diseases. In 2016, after a successful Phase II trial, the company was acquired by Novartis in a deal valued at up to $665 million.  


Moleculera Labs

Moleculera Labs provides personalized clinical testing services for individuals suspected of suffering from  PANDAS/PANS, which are treatable neurologic conditions that may be associated with motor tics, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) and sometimes Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

Weather Decision Technologies Inc.

Weather Decision Technologies Inc. provides the world's highest resolution, most accurate weather information content to help businesses make the appropriate decisions to minimize weather-related risk and gain a valuable competitive advantage.  

Ribomed Biotechnologies

Dedicated to early disease detection, Ribomed is developing rapid, specific and robust tests for RNA, DNA and protein and the analysis of SNPs and CpG methylation sites, gene amplifications and splicing mutations using its proprietary abscription®-based signal generation system.