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OU Counts

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Why take the census?

  1. OU receives more funding
  2. Our communities receive more funding
  3. No citizenship questions are asked
  4. It only takes 10 minutes
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List Norman as your City of Residence

College students should be counted at the place they live while attending school.

2020 Census Now Available

Taken every decade, the Census counts every person living in the United States, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It’s important to be counted in the Census because state and national legislative seats and resources are allocated based on population. It is estimated that for each household that does not complete the Census survey, their community stands to lose approximately $1,675 in local federal funding per person, per year, for 10 years.

Please do your part and complete the 2020 Census by Wednesday, Sept. 30.

City-specific information is listed below. 

City of Norman

City of Oklahoma City

City of Tulsa

Individuals residing outside of these areas should consult their local municipality.

2020 Census FAQ

Who can be counted in the Census?

Every person living in the U.S. should be counted in the Census, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. You will not be asked to reveal your citizenship status while participating in the Census. Since international students live in the U.S. most of the time, they should be counted. OU students studying abroad will not be counted.

Where should I be counted?

If you’re a college student living away from your parent(s)’ home while attending college (living in either on-campus or off-campus housing), you should be counted at the on-campus or off-campus residence where you live and sleep most of the time. In short, you should most likely be counted at your residence in Norman!


Should my parents count me at their permanent address?

Unless you are living at your parents’ home while attending college, your parents should not count you at their address.

Why is it important for me to be counted?

It’s important for you to be counted in the Census because state and national legislative seats and resources are allocated based on population. OU and the City of Norman stand to lose $1,675 per person, per year over ten years if one person is not counted. (list of what we stand to gain if we get a complete count)

How will I be counted?

This year, the Census is going digital! Starting March 12, you will receive a flyer in your local mailbox with instructions for filling out the Census. If you do not respond to the flyer, a paper form will be sent to your residence. If you do not send in the paper form, a Census taker will come to your residence and ask you to participate.

How long will it take to fill out?

It takes about 10 minutes per person.

What happens to my personal information?

Your Census responses will be kept confidential from the public and federal agencies, including immigration authorities, ICE, and other law enforcement. The Census Bureau is bound by Title 13 of the US Code and cannot share any personal data with anyone.


Do I need a Census ID number to take the census online?

No. You can still complete the census online by visiting and selecting the button that says “if you do not have a Census ID, click here”.


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