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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OU Cousins?

OU Cousins is a program that fosters friendship and cultural awareness between the American and international community. Through the program, American students and exchange/international students are matched based on age, majors, hobbies, and interests. OU Cousins hosts a variety of events throughout the semester, but students are additionally encouraged to meet outside of these events, building lifelong friendships and understanding. 

How can I get matched with a cousin?

This year, all formal matching will be done online by our experienced OU Cousins Advisory Board. All you have to do is complete a questionnaire with your age, major, hobbies, and interests in the program, and we will match you with a cousin who is the best fit for you! The registration form will be live on our website ( in the beginning of August through the first three weeks of school.

Can I register for OU Cousins at any time?

Yes! Formal OU Cousins matching takes place in the first three weeks of every semester; however, you can register to be matched at any point throughout the school year. If you register after the first three weeks of the semester, please be patient in the matching process. Once registered, you are encouraged to attend all OU Cousins events even without having a cousin.

My cousin has not contacted me, what should I do?

Contacting your OU cousin is the responsibility of both cousins! When you receive your email with your match, both cousins should email the other to discuss the best ways to communicate. Exchange social media, phone numbers, etc. If you have contacted your cousin and have still not heard back after one week, please email

Can I be matched with multiple cousins?

Yes! Depending on the number of registrants we receive, we may match you with multiple cousins. This ensures that everyone who wishes to participate in the program is able to, as we cannot always ensure that we will have an equal number of international/exchange students and American students. If you are matched with multiple cousins, we request that you do your best to work with both of your cousins to attend events together and meet up in person. You can even all meet up together! If at any point you are no longer able to spend time with both cousins, please email

What if I do not have time for OU Cousins any more?

If at any point you no longer are able to participate in OU Cousins, please email so we may rematch your cousin.

What if I cannot attend any of the OU Cousins events?

OU cousins hosts approximately 2-3 free or low-cost events each month, both on and off campus. These events are intended to guide your experience in OU cousins and provide great opportunities to meet up with your cousin. However, the OU Cousins experience is so much more than these events! If you are unable to attend, just let your cousin know, and plan something similar to do together or something completely different! Our events are only half the fun of being an OU Cousin and you are strongly encouraged to spend time with your cousin outside of our events. 

Can I attend OU Cousins events without having a cousin?

While we encourage everyone to officially register and be matched with a cousin, most of our events are open to anyone. OU Cousins works hard to be inclusive, so if your friend, roommate, or family member wants to tag along to an event, they are more than welcome! However, if you regularly attend our events, we do ask that you officially register. This helps both our matching process and allows us to track our number of participants, so we can plan our events for the correct number of people. 

What kinds of things should I do with my OU cousin?

We provide an extensive list of things to do with your cousin on our website (, but encourage you to be creative! Our best advice is to treat your cousin like your friend. Invite your cousin to get lunch on campus, come over for a movie night, or to hang out with your friends! You may find that you and your cousin both love the same kind of food or have a unique hobby in common, so get to know each other!