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Hardware Disposal

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Hardware Disposal

Technology Hardware Disposal Services (THDs)

OU Information Technology offers hardware disposal services to help protect the sensitive information of our students, faculty and staff and to enable proper disposal of old hardware at an affordable cost.

Norman campus departments can contact the OU IT Business Office at to schedule a pick-up of workstations and servers. During pick-up, OU IT will provide documentation for the change of property responsibility. Our hardware specialists scrub data in accordance with DoD, HIPAA and FERPA requirements and dispose of the equipment in accordance with EPA guidelines. The department will receive a record of equipment disposal and certification of data integrity once the data wipe is complete.

We encourage all departments to utilize this new service and help us safeguard the University community.

Disposal Costs

  • Previously leased machines: FREE
  • Special pricing and pick-up accommodations are available for disposing large quantities of machines.

What About Removable Media and Smartphones?

Please contact if you have removable media or smartphones that need to be recycled or disposed of. These items will be recycled or disposed of in accordance with DoD, HIPAA, FERPA and EPA guidelines. There is no cost for the disposal of these items.

What If My Department Has Numerous Machines For Disposal?

OU IT can assist departments with the pick-up of all technology surplus and expired leases. To make arrangements for pick-up, submit a request through our Service Catalog.

What Other Options Are Available?

Self-Data Wipes: Departments with their own technical personnel may perform their own data wipes and drop off the cleaned equipment at the OU IT Business Office. The department will only be charged for the disposal costs associated with those items.

Campus IT Cleanups: At least once each year, OU IT will coordinate a volume pickup across the Norman campus. During these Campus IT Cleanup events the regular disposal costs will be waived.