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Frequently Asked Questions

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IT Security Support

Frequently Asked Questions

For help with IT Security incidents or applications, please see the list below.

To report a phishing email, please use the Phish Alert Button. For spam, use the junk button and block, or if you know you signed up for the emails you can unsubscribe.

The phishing hook icon for the phish alert button at KnowBe4.
The phishing hook icon for the phish alert button at KnowBe4.

Step One: Report Cybersecurity Incident


  • Submitting the Report
    • If a person(s) believes a Cybersecurity Incident has occurred, they may contact OU IT Security at In the support site search bar, enter "Report Security Incident" to locate the reporting form.
  • Prerequisites
    • Name and contact information of the reporting person(s).
    • Name and contact information of the affected person(s).
    • Date/time of the report.
    • A description of the incident, including a timeline and identification/detection details.
      • If known, the IP Address, hostname, and location of system(s).
      • In the case of a Website incident, the specific URL.
      • Unique identifiers for the Information Systems involved in the cybersecurity incident.
      • Location or source of the cybersecurity incident.
      • The nature of the cybersecurity incident.
    • Type and classification of data (personally identifiable information, electronic personal health information, student information, financial information, etc.) that may be included on the system. 

IT's Next Steps

  • Once a cybersecurity event has been reported to IT, the IT reporting party must create an incident record in the IT System of Record, and assign it to OU IT Security Operations.  IT should gather as much information and evidence as possible when reporting potential incidents.


The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway, at, is an application that provides spam, virus, and content policy infrastructure to OU’s email applications. 

Access your Proofpoint Digest at

Please review the Phish Targets & Examples page for desk references, information search and verification tips, phishing red flags, and other best practices.