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Student Training Schedule & Standards

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Cyber security students reviewing laptop with Aaron Baillio

Human Firewall Training for Students

OUIT CSX TEA, Cybersecurity Training, Education, & Awareness, aims to educate users about security best practices and help end-users understand security risks, policies and compliance, mitigation strategies, and data protection. The Human Firewall program engages end-users to focus attention on cybersecurity and help build digital self-defense skills.

Student Human Firewall Training

By using University information systems or computing resources, you agree to abide by and comply with the applicable policies, procedures, and laws. Acceptable use must be ethical, reflect academic honesty, and show responsible use in the consumption of shared resources.

The full version of the Acceptable Use Policy can be found in University-Wide Policies, Standards, & Guidelines.

We partnered with KnowBe4 for interactive learning modules and Phishing simulations!

Phishing simulations help users recognize red flags more quickly through purposeful repetition. The risks of not providing phish practice opportunities to users include individual loss of funds through scams, university funds lost through scams, loss of research funding, and lack of compliance with state, federal, and contract regulations. 

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In addition to KnowBe4, a free Cybersecurity Awareness course for students is available on Canvas. The course was developed by students working in Information Technology. Students are not automatically enrolled in this course. 

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For further help, please review the instructions (pdf).

Student Employees are required to follow the same Policies, Standards, & Guidelines, and Laws & Regulations along with all university employees. Please review the Employee CSX TEA Program page.

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