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  1. Before you can set up your OUNet Account, you will need to retrieve your OUNetID. Your OUNetID is your username that you will use to access University websites and services.
  2. Visit the Account Management page at
  3. Click on “Retrieve OUNetID” and enter your Social Security Number and your date of birth to retrieve your OUNetID.  
  4. After retrieving your OUNetID, return to the Account Management page at
  5. Click on “Setup Account” and enter your date of birth and either your OUNetID or (faculty/staff only) Social Security Number to set up your account.

Following account activation, your OUNet ID acts as your username for accessing all online services, such as email, HR Self-Service, and parking

OU IT offers high speed Internet access in all University-owned housing and most public areas. Additionally, convenient, secure wifi blankets campus, including almost all academic buildings and most outdoor common areas.

Log in to OU's network registration website for access to:

  • Register your computer on OU's networks
  • Connect through wireless*
  • Plug in to OU's wired network**

*Be sure to connect to WIFI@OU and NOT OUGuest. Many of OU IT's services are not available through OUGuest for security reasons.

**OU IT strongly recommends connecting to the wired network for activities that require large amounts of bandwidth like uploading large documents or videos to Canvas.

For further instruction on connecting to OU's network, visit

OU IT assigns all students, faculty, and staff an e-mail address and your own Office 365 account upon creation of the your OUNet Account. Your default e-mail address is based on your name and will look something like this:

Log in to your OUNet Account to:

  • Change your e-mail alias (i.e.,
  • Set up your spam filter
  • Forward your e-mail off campus

Check your email via or connect to Outlook with a client or mobile device.

Want to add email to your mobile device? Check out our convenient self-help articles or call (405) 325-HELP.

All students and retirees will retain their OU email accounts for life. For Microsoft licensing compliance, you will need to purchase a personal license to continue using Office productivity tools upon graduation or retirement. 

OU IT helps prepare you for emergency situations with the Emergency Communication System and ICEdot.

  • OU's emergency communication system contacts you by text, phone, and e-mail in case of emergency. Set up your methods of contact via your accounts page.
  • ICEdot helps EMS providers deliver the right medical care or contact your loved ones in case of emergencies.

Visit our IT Software Catalog to find all the free software that is available to you based on your role (faculty, staff, or student). 

Additionally, the One U Store offers better-than-education discounts on a full line of hardware, software, iPods, and accessories from names you trust, like Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Shop now:

Security is a critical part of your technology experience. You can download Dell Data Protection & Endpoint Security (DDPE) free directly from the IT Store website.

OU IT offers a number of different ways to get help anytime and anywhere you need it. Call us at (405) 325-HELP (4357). We also offer a self-help portal, Ask IT. Visit us in person at one of our convenient service center locations or chat with us at