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Research Computing

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Research Computing (High Performance Computing)

THE OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER) is a multidisciplinary center that provides supercomputing education, expertise and resources to OU undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty, as well as their off-campus collaborators. If you have large, computing-intensive problems that need heavy number crunching, OSCER is the answer.

Who's Using OU's Research Computing?

Over 1000 students, staff and faculty in over 20 departments in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Atmospheric & Geographical Sciences, Business, Earth & Energy, Engineering and Medicine. We
have users at 23 institutions across Oklahoma, plus over 200 collaborating users across the US
and worldwide. See the list here.

Why Us?

We have facilitated over $450M in total external funding (on over 250 grants), over $200M of it to OU (Return On Investment of about 7 to 1), with roughly 1/7 of OU Norman’s total externally funded research expenditure enabled by OSCER.


Over 2000 publications, dissertations and theses.


OU’s unique "Supercomputing in Plain English" education initiative has taught the fundamental concepts of advanced computing to over 2000 people since 2001, not only at OU, but also via videoconferencing to 362 other institutions in 51 US states & territories as well as 17 other countries. We have also hosted workshops, seminars & training opportunities led by other organizations, not only from national leaders in advanced computing education, but also from vendors of products and services needed by our user community.


We take a hands-on approach to user assistance to ensure you have the best possible experience. We also have dedicated HPC research facilitators on staff who have years of research computing expertise and can help you become productive on the OSCER systems.

Click here to request an OSCER account.

About the High Performance Computing Cluster

With over 10,000 CPU cores, 23TB of RAM and 450TB of usable hard disk space, OU's newest supercomputer - Schooner has the capacity to run your most challenging jobs. Click here to learn more about Schooner