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Culture and Values

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Culture and Values

People are our most valued asset

Putting our IT professionals first is the cornerstone of providing the best possible customer experience.  We invest in professional development, create a challenging work environment, and ensure our staff enjoys a high level of job satisfaction so that in turn they are better able to devote their time and energy to reaching operational goals and prividing excellent customer service.

Collaboration leads to better solutions

Working in teams to build services and solve problems helps us develop innovative solutions for our campus partners.  By collaborating with IT professionals from all three of OU's campuses, we not only create value but also gain a better breadth of understanding while maintaining local campus relationships and support.

Transparency is assurance

We believe in transparency as a way to build the trust and confidence of our customers.  The more information we provide, the more certain customers can be that they are making the right choice for their department and for the University.

Operational efficiency creates value

Shared Services was conceptualized and created as a way to meet the University's evolving needs.  The national and state conversations about the cost of higher education demand and urgent call to action.  We are pursuing Shared Services as an approach so that we can pool resources from across our campuses in an efficient manner that will help us create capacity within our organization.  This approach enables us to turn our attention to strategic problems and helps us identify innovative solutions for our campus partners.