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HSC Data Center

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HSC Data Center

  • There is a hardened, secure area at Entrance to Data Center. The facility occupies 22,900 square feet, with 4,000 square feet of raised floor space and 4,000 square feet of expansion.
  • In the Fire Department Room there is a Computer room and all electrical equipment rooms protected by double-interlocked pre-action sprinkler system with cross-zoned detector actuation.
  • The Staging area Provides a location for uncrating, assembly, configuration and burn-in of new equipment prior to computer room installation. This room is humidity controlled, with a resinous flooring system designed to control and dissipate static electricity. Lighting throughout the facility uses high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures controlled by energy saving occupancy sensors.
  • The Storage room has Secure holding facility for temporary storage of new equipment prior to staging, and for decommissioned equipment to be surplused. Redundant monitored sump pumps to remove groundwater collected from a system of French drains installed below the slab.
  • The Meet Me Room has Connecting buildings across campus to the data center, 22,000 feet of fiber enters from the concrete, walkable, campus tunnel system through this room. Magnetic card reader control and building management network interfacing are controlled from this room as well.
  • Network Operations Center has Control center from which infrastructure systems can be monitored and managed during installation and maintenance, and in the event of a disaster recovery scenario. This room is constructed with two full walls covered with (magnetic) galvanized steel and coated with a surface supporting dry erase markers. Flat screen monitors will be installed for group monitoring and problem solving.
  • Conference Room is Constructed with a single dry erase wall, this room will be outfitted with a projection system and conference phone.  Corridors leading into the raised floor area are minimum 8 feet wide; double doors and overhead doors are 6 feet plus. Provides ample maneuverability for moving large equipment in and out of the facility. The data center is fully ADA compliant.
  • The Raised Floor Phase I Will support 125 cabinets of network, server, storage and voice equipment. 
  • Cooling: Seven Stulz computer room air handling (CRAC) units with variable speed fan control cool the raised floor area via chilled water supplied by central steam and chill. 450 feet of 8” steel pipe was installed to connect the new data center to chilled water mains located in the underground tunnel system. Supply and return chill water “rings” under the raised floor allow isolation of individual CRAC units for maintenance or replacement. An aircooled chiller rated at 405.9 tons is installed on the plaza deck and incorporated in the mechanical design for backup in the event of a central plant disaster or supply line interruption. The facility also includes external connections for a portable chiller as a backup to the backup. Mechanical systems are designed to cool and condition a 600kW heat load.
  • Power to the raised floor area is provided by two independent circuits – A and B. Utility power from OG&E comes into the facility through two new 3,750kVA power transformers, each drawing current from different substations. Power is monitored and conditioned by two independent 750kVA MGE Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, each capable of supporting the computer room at rated load for approximately 10 minutes. A Genset-Cummins 1500kW diesel generator provides extended backup power for the computer room in the event that utility power interruption is lengthy. Each row of cabinets is supported by its own Rack Power Distribution Panel.
  • Raised Floor System has 24-inch raised floor system provides high-volume airflow for computer room cooling. All cabling is installed in overhead cable trays (not under the floor) to prevent obstruction of under-floor airflow. High-velocity Triad ventilation floor tiles allow directional control of airflow and more effectively cool equipment within cabinets regardless of position.
  • Emergency Power Off: Separate EPO buttons control A and B power circuits and HVAC systems to prevent accidental shutdown of the computer room.
  • Overhead and under-floor air sampling detector units monitor air quality for very early warning fire detection.
  • Extensive grounding system is engineered throughout the facility.
  • The Two meet me rooms provide point of presence for voice and data external service providers. Power is metered for charge back, and four 4-inch conduits lead to an external underground communications vault.
  • Underground communications vault, utility transformers and switchgear.
  • 3,000 gallon underground fuel oil storage tank.
  • External connections for portable generator and chiller.
  • An emergency generator and chiller are located on the plaza.
  • Genset-Cummins 1500kW Turbocharged V-16 Diesel Generator with load bank and 600 gallon day tank consuming 121 gal/hr. Expansion for two additional generators is available.
  • York 405.6 ton air-cooled chiller.
  • Mechanical Room houses primary and secondary chill water pumps, ventilation exhaust, humidification water conditioning and fuel oil storage pump and controls. Primary and secondary chill water pumps assist to assure sufficient flow of chilled water from central steam and chill, and provide the required circulation for backup and portable chillers. The fuel oil storage pump and control system supports the plaza mounted generator by supplying fuel oil (diesel) from a 3,000 gallon underground storage tank to the generator day tank as required.
  • The Switchgear Rooms A and B has Controls utility power from OG&E into the data center.
  • Paralleling Gear Room contains monitoring and annunciators for utility bypass and transfer. Supports Phase II paralleling gear.
  • UPS Rooms A and B, each room contains an MGE 750kVA UPS system, static switch bypass module, and an Enersys 20-year stackable valve-regulated lead–acid (VRLA) battery bank consisting of 240 269lb 2V (nominal) dry cells in 10 stacks of six cells high by four cells wide. Redundant chill water CRAC units are installed in each room to maintain strict environmental controls. 
  • Raised Floor Phase II is 4,000 square feet of expansion is designed into the facility when needed. Mechanical and electrical systems have been designed and constructed with phase II expansion in mind.
  • Raw Air Economizer system draws in outside air through a 75hp supply air fan for data center cooling when external temperatures are appropriate, reducing energy consumption and saving the University money.