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Art Show

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Welcome to the 2021 Staff Week Virtual Art Show!

Please browse all art below. Title and artist are listed below each entry.

Title of Work: The Journey
Name of Artist: Michael Bendure
Job Title: Director of Communications
Department: College of Business
Medium: Paintings

Title of Work: Rhythm
Name of Artist: Sharon Burchett
Job Title: Assistant to the Director
Department: Charles M. Russell Center (OU School of Visual Arts
Medium: Paintings


Title of Work:  Cairo
Name of Artist: Julie Dahlgren
Job Title: Assistant to the Director
Department: School of Meteorology
Medium: Paintings


Title of Work: Wizard Mall
Name of Artist: Lanette Gibson
Job Title: Curriculum Developer
Department: OSIS Policy
Medium: Sculptures


Title of Work: Haiti 2011
Name of Artist: Tammy Gillis
Job Title: Office Manager
Department: Center for Student Success
Medium: Paintings


Title of Work: Hanbok
Name of Artist: Charlie Kim
Job Title: IT Specialist
Department: K20 Center
Medium: Paintings


Title of Work: Fox Dr
Name of Artist: Jason McNaughton
Job Title: 3D Artist
Department: K20 Center
Medium: Computer Aided Photographs 


Title of Work: Freddie Mercury
Name of Artist: Mariah Seedorf
Job Title: Crista Seedorf- History Financial Associate
Campus Department: History
Medium: Paintings


Title of Work: Magnolia
Name of Artist: Jane Stancliffe
Job Title: Division Assistant
Department: Entrepreneurship
Medium: Drawings


Title of Work: Reflection of Breath
Name of Artist:  Kara Stanley
Job Title:  Instructional Designer
Department: PACS Cirruclum Services
Medium:  Digital Photography


Title of Work: Paradise
Name of Artist: Nesha Williams 
Job Title: Admin Staff Assistant
Department: Military Science      
Medium: Paintings


Title of Work: The Medicine Hat
Name of Artist: Tracey Williamson
Job Title: 911 Dispatch
Department: OUPD
Medium: Jewelry 


Title of Work: Nobody's Home
Name of Artist: Kyle Baker
Job Title: Managerial Associate
Department: Biology
Medium: Digital Photography

Title of Work: Funky Florals
Name of Artist: Kristi Wright
Job Title: Financial and Operations Manager
Department: Communication
Medium: Paintings

Title of Work: Exposed
Name of Artist: Linda Kane
Job Title: Staff Assistant
Department: Parking and Transportaion
Medium: Paintings

Title of Work: What does 2021 have in store
Name of Artist: Teresa Randall
Job Title: Science Carriculum specalisit
Department: K20 Center
Medium: Digital photography

Title of Work: A Snowy Blue Ridge Sunset
Name of Artist: Kelby Wilkerson
Job Title: Senior Email & Web Specalist 
Department: Enrollement Management
Medium: Photographs 

Title of Work: Cork-a-doodle-doo
Name of Artist: Priya Cramer
Job Title: Admissions and Enrollement Coordinator
Department: Social Work
Medium: Sculpture

Title of Work: Hard Out Here
Name of Artist: Kaitey Williamson
Job Title: Staff Assistant
Department: Archelogical Survey
Medium: Photographs 

Title of Work: Black Mesa
Name of Artist: Melissa Bishop
Job Title: Finance Division Assistant
Department: Finance
Medium: Digital Photography

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Title of Work: Focusing On Up
Name of Artist: Erikah brown
Job Title: Housing Advisor
Department: Housing and Residence Life
Medium: Photographs

Title of Work: Self Portrait Senior Year of COVID 2020-2021
Name of Artist: Ethan Pierce 
Job Title: Anjanette Pierce - Director of Payroll
Department:  CAS Dean's Office
Medium: Sculpture

Title of Work: Escape To Vivid
Name of Artist: Wassim Torjman
Job Title: 
Department: Housing Maintenance
Medium: Digital Photography

Title of Work: Live Longhorn Mountain Live
Name of Artist: Bessie James
Job Title: 
Department: Landscape and Grounds
Medium: Photography

Title of Work: Snowman Quilt
Name of Artist: Shannon Overstreet
Job Title: 
Department: College of Law
Medium: Fiber Art

Title of Work: The Cardinal
Name of Artist: Minerva Quinones-Willingham
Job Title: Staff Assistant
Department: Recruitment
Medium: Paintings

Title of Work: Quills
Name of Artist: Jennifer Laresn
Job Title: Vertebrate Paleontology Collections Manager
Department: Sam Noble Museum
Medium: Drawings

Title of Work: Land of Enchantment
Name of Artist: Larry Carter
Job Title: Project Manager
Department: Facilities Management
Medium: Paintings

Title of Work: When Campus is Quiet
Name of Artist: Mackenzie Mullins
Job Title: Assessment Center Coordinator
Department: University College
Medium: Paintings