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General Parking & Transportation Information

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General Information

  1. Where is Parking Services located?
    Parking Services is located at 1332 Jenkins Ave. in the Jenkins Avenue Parking Facility (JAPF). The JAPF is located directly south of Dunham and Headington Residential Colleges and next to the Sarkeys Fitness Center. The office is physically located on the southwest corner on the ground level inside the garage just before the staircase. The office is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.                                                                          
  2.  Where can I review a copy of the parking regulations booklet? Download a copy of the Norman Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations booklet (PDF).

  3. I have a new car or new license plate. How do I update my account with Parking Services?
    You can manage your vehicle information online by clicking on "Your Account" in the left navigation menu. Log in with your OU Net ID (4x4) and password and choose "More" from the top menu to add a vehicle. The system does not allow you to change your license plates.  If you have a new license plate for an existing vehicle, please re-add as a “new vehicle” under the new license plate. You do not have access to delete vehicles already in the database. If you have sold a vehicle still listed on your account, you may contact the parking office with a proof of sale, title transfer, etc. and the vehicle will be removed from your name. 

  4. Where can you park in metered parking for free?
    Parking meters must be paid 24 hours a day. The exceptions to this rule are vehicles with a valid OU parking permit from 5 P.M. to 2 A.M. or vehicles displaying a valid OU parking permit AND a state issued disability placard.
  5. Do disability permit-holders have to pay a meter if they park at one?
    No. All that is required is a valid OU parking permit and either a state-issued physical disability permit OR a temporary six week disability permit issued by OU Parking Services. Both must be clearly displayed on the rearview mirror or the dashboard and must be clearly visible from the outside. 


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