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Parking Spaces & Garages

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Parking Spaces and Garages

  1. Where can visitors park on campus? With a visitor permit, they can park in any lots where permits are required (e.g. faculty/staff, commuter, etc.), although not in reserved or metered parking spaces.

  2. How many parking spaces are on campus? There are a total more than 15,000 parking spaces on the Norman campus. *Please note that this number changes due to construction projects on campus.

  3. How many parking spaces are designated for students? There are approximately 10,000 spaces designated to student parking.

  4. Where is motorcycle parking? Motorcycle parking is provided throughout the campus and spaces are reflected on our parking map with a motorcycle symbol. Please note that motorcycles must use designated motorcycle spaces unless a full-vehicle permit is affixed to the motorcycle.

  5. I have a permit, but I can't find a place to park. What do I do? We recommend utilizing the Duck Pond lot, a large multi-purpose lot with spaces available. The lot is located east of the football stadium (MP4 on your parking map). Familiarize yourself with parking lots where your permit allows you to park close to your campus destitation. The lots are detailed on the map.

  6. If I don't have a permit, how can I get to campus? You may park permit-free on the north side of the Lloyd Noble Center and ride a CART bus to campus. The non-stop shuttle service from the LNC to Campus Depot runs every 5 to 10 minutes from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and every 20 minutes from 6 to 9 p.m. Visit the CART website at (Please note: summer service is reduced.)                               
  7. Can I park at the Lloyd Noble Center if I don't have a permit? You do not need a permit to park on the north side of the LNC, although you must ride the CART shuttle to park in the reserved area. Elsewhere at the LNC, permits are required.

  8. How many garages are on campus? How many parking spaces are in them? There are three garages on campus. The garage adjacent to the Oklahoma Memorial Union is not operated by Parking & Transportation Services. It is operated by the OMU administration. The parking space breakdown for the three garages we operate: Elm Avenue Parking Facility, 576; Asp Avenue Parking Facility, 724; and Jenkins Avenue Parking Facility, 1,221.

  9. Are there any parking garages where I can pay by the hour? The Asp Avenue Parking Facility and Elm Avenue Parking Facility have pay stations located on the first ramp for hourly use.