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Special Events

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Special Events

  1. Where should I park to attend a football game?
 There are several pay-to-park lots on the main campus and on south campus east of Asp Avenue. The cost to park in these lots is $30 per vehicle. Another option is the Lloyd Noble Center parking lot, located north of Oklahoma 9 on Jenkins. Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART) operates a shuttle from the Lloyd Noble Center to a stop on First Street in the housing area south of the stadium. 

  2. Where is disability parking for game day?
 The Asp Avenue Parking Facility is used for physical disability parking and permits are sold in advance. Call (405) 325-3311 for detailed information. Disability parking also is available at the Lloyd Noble Center to ride the CARTaccess paratransit van, which drops off next to the stadium. One additional person may ride with the person with disability on the paratransit van, but all others must ride the regular CART shuttle.

  3. How much is game day RV parking? 
The Lloyd Noble Center offers "SooneRVillage" RV parking. You may visit the website for details. You also may call (405) 325-4666.