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Special Events

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Special Events

Come to campus. Park on campus.

The University of Oklahoma is home to many special events, including athletic events, conferences and workshops. Individuals or university entities planning to conduct short courses, workshops, conferences or special events should inform OU Parking Services as soon as possible in advance of the event. Only OU Parking Services is authorized to commit or approve the use or closure of university parking facilities.

Permits are required to park on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday unless other arrangements have been made with the OU Parking Services.

Students, faculty and/or staff may apply in advance for visitor parking permits for individuals or groups whom they invite to the campus. Notice should be given to OU Parking Services in advance to make appropriate parking arrangements and deliver required permits, preferably one week in advance of the visit.

OU football game day parking

Norman and OU welcome more than 90,000 Sooners to campus several Saturdays each fall. OU Parking Services works hard to ensure the parking situation is optimally managed during the festivities and revelry of game day.

RV parking

The more the merrier, so bring the RV to OU football games. RV parking is located at the Lloyd Noble Center (2900 Jenkins Ave.) For more information about RV parking, call the Lloyd Noble Center at 405-325-4666 or click here.

Pay-to-park lots

OU Parking Services sells many campus spaces, as lots not reserved are $25 per vehicle in the pay-to-park lots. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Vehicles displaying a valid OU parking permit will be admitted to any pay lot without charge as long as space is available. OU parking permits are not authorized for the reserved lots.

Reserved lots

OU Parking Services offers reserved parking spaces for football season. AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED. Call to see if applications are being accepted. For information regarding season passes, please call OU Parking Services at 405-325-3311 or e-mail

OU athletic event parking

Boomer! OU hosts world-class athletic events, from NCAA regional basketball games to Big 12 Championships in track and field. Parking for all athletic contests besides football are on an event-by-event basis and include on-site parking. Visit before going to a specific event to view parking arrangements for the respective event.


Direct questions, comments or information regarding special event parking to:
University of Oklahoma Parking Services
1332 Jenkins Ave
Norman, OK 73019-2451