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Payroll & Employee Services

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Our Mission

Thank you for visiting the official website of the University of Oklahoma Norman campus Payroll & Employee Services department. Payroll & Employee Services is dedicated to serving the diverse university community by providing precise and timely remuneration to all staff, faculty and student employees. We are committed to maintaining a comprehensive understanding of Federal, State and University regulations regarding payroll policy in order to furnish accurate information to our patrons in the most efficient manner.

Payroll Services

Information contained within the payroll website is intended to serve as a reference for primary processes handled by Payroll and Employee Services. For questions on any special cases please consult with Payroll and Employee Services by submitting an email request through the Contact Us page portal or contacting a representative directly at 405/325.2961 for clarification regarding specific instances.  

NOTE: Payroll and Employee Services does not advise individuals on personal tax issues. Taxation information contained within this website is expressly intended for the purpose of informing University of Oklahoma Employees/Students of timely tax issues relating to it as a State of Oklahoma employer.  Individuals should consult with tax professionals for personal tax issues.