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Monthly to Biweekly Pay Transition

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Monthly to Biweekly Pay Transition

Norman campus will be transitioning all employees who are currently paid on a monthly pay schedule to a biweekly schedule over the next year. The affected populations include salaried staff, 12-month academic appointments, 9-month academic appointments, graduate assistants, and monthly-paid student employees. It is our intent to present the project to constituents in an informative manner that reduces confusion and concern around the transition. We will keep this website updated with information so check back here regularly.

Current State

6600 employees are paid once per month. For these employees, we process the current full month’s pay in the middle of the month. Unfortunately, the prospective nature of this payroll can create the need for remedial actions on subsequent payrolls. Remedial actions may include, the collection of overpayments (late month terminations), the issuance of emergency checks (late month hires), benefit deduction collection (any late month personnel action that affects pay).

Future State

Change the pay schedule from once per month to once every two weeks in arrears. In this future state, the university would pay for the previous two weeks of work on each paycheck. Because this pay schedule is retrospective, all personnel actions affecting the payroll would already have occurred. This nearly eliminates the remedial actions that plague the current state.

View a draft of the 2024-2025 Biweekly Payroll Schedule HERE!


Transition Details

Changing from a prospective monthly pay schedule to a retrospective biweekly pay schedule creates a one-time delay between the last monthly paycheck and the first biweekly paycheck. To ensure the smoothest possible transition and to help mitigate this hardship for employees, we will:

  • Lead a robust change management and communication campaign,
  • Offer budgeting/financial planning resources to help employees plan for the change,
  • Allow staff and 12-month academic positions to ‘cash in’ up to 80 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) with an option use up to 40 hours of Extended Sick Leave (ESL) to bridge the gap until their first biweekly paycheck is processed. 
    • Employees such as GAs, monthly student positions, and faculty who do not accrue PTO will not have this option. 


Learn More
  • For more detailed information about when you will transition to a biweekly payroll frequency please review the TIMELINE!
  • For a complete list of titles and their transition dates, click HERE!
  • For additional information please watch for emails, townhalls and other communication to come! If you have any questions please contact us at

Staff & 12-Month Academic Positions

9-Month Faculty (9/9 & 9/12)

Graduate Assistants & Monthly Paid Students