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Hourly Time Rounding

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Workforce Time & Attendance - Hourly Time Conversion

Beginning Saturday March 28th, the Norman campus will be updating the way in which hourly time is calculated in Workforce Time & Attendance. As of 12am on March 28th the Workforce time system will be updated to shift from ‘tenth’ to ‘quarter’ hour rounding, which will increase time log efficiency and decrease time spent correcting entries and timesheet issues. 

Note: Time entry rounds based on each completed in/out punch entered to define time totals throughout a workday, meaning if you are required to clock in/out for lunch you will have 2-rounded entries for the day; those with ‘automatic’ meal deductions will have the entire workday rounded only 1-time.

Rounding each clock or work in/out slice to the nearest quarter (.25) hour helps to allieviate issues when standing in que at a physical time clock or when navigating to to utilize the Web Clock function. Nonetheless, employees will still be expected to arrive on site or in office at thier scheduled work time and remain available through the end of their scheduled shift. 

Quarter Hour Time Conversion Chart

Time Conversion Download