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Workforce Extracts/Actuals

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Workforce Extracts/Actuals FAQ's

  1. If hours are entered and approved incorrectly and we find it on the extract, can the extract be corrected or will we have to do an amended timesheet? Once time is pulled in for payment a change cannot be made as Workforce is the official record for time. You will need to have the employee process an amended timesheet to correct the error.

  2. If hours are entered and approved incorrectly, can we pull the submission back after the supervisor approved but before the extracts come out? Yes, the supervisor can unapprove the timesheet and the employee can make any necessary changes, then resubmit to the supervisor for approval. Once payroll takes the timesheets, no other changes can be made to the timesheet, an amended timesheet is required.

  3. How will students with work-study appear on extracts? When reviewing the payroll extracts, the dollar amount reflected on the extract is the remainder of the payment after work-study has been deducted. The work-study portion will be reflected on the extract for the work-study account reviewed by Financial Aid.