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PCS Study Abroad

Student Reflections

Studying abroad, whether it be for a few days, weeks, or months, changes you in a way that is indescribable. There is something so humbling about entering a country you don't know with your life packed in a suitcase and a carry-on. The best part is getting to experience an entirely different culture uncensored. OU in Arezzo is more than a study abroad program it is a family.

- Yaaminey Kunderu, OU in Arezzo Fall 2013

OU students holding Boren


At OU's Italian Center students with no to early intermediate knowledge of Italian are provided with an introductory experience of Italian language and culture while taking a variety of OU coursework. At the cradle of western civilization, students can enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere and study an abundance of ancient art objects close by, while spending a good time with fellow Sooners in a small, quiet, and secure town, untouched by mass tourism.

OUA's student center is located on the central Corso Italia in a renovated medieval Palazzo. There Sooners can relax in the student lounge, prepare and enjoy meals in the kitchen, work and communicate in a cutting edge PC/Mac lab, and attend classes in beautiful classrooms equipped with modern technology for effective and versatile instruction. This building also houses the administrative offices and the apartment of our Faculty in Residence - allowing for close interaction with and easy access to the OU professor who accompanies the students throughout the summer program.

  • Location: Arezzo is a historic town located in the Italian region of Tuscany, and home to OU's first permanent international presence. Florence and Siena are only a short train or bus ride away. With it's amanageable size, friendly people, and many events and festivities throughout the year this beautiful town is the ideal homebase for all Sooners looking for a safe, diverse, and culturally enriching experience overseas!
  • AcademicsYou will be taking OU courses taught by OU professors at OU's campus in Arezzo.
  • CostThere are programming fees associated, however, your course cost are equivalent to that at OU. 

OU PCS in Arezzo Summer 2020 application deadline will be in October 2019.


Because OUA is the Italian Center of the University of Oklahoma, there is no need to transfer international  credits - it's like taking classes in Norman! OUA offers a wide and changing variety of OU coursework that is geared toward a general student audience and taught by OU professors. Many OUA courses are applicable towards the General Education curriculum. All courses will be graded on an A-F scale and will be factored into the student's GPA.

Like all OU students abroad, OUA participants are expected to enroll in 3 credit hours during our time there.


OUA offers students a unique opportunity to apply for credit-bearing internships with a local public or private organization/business during their summer abroad. In order to account for high quality standards and applicability to a student's degree plan, the academic components of each internship are overseen either by OUA faculty or the sponsoring OU Department. Internships can accelerate language and cultural learning through full immersion and real-world interaction in the working environment - and it's also a great opportunity to pad your resume! You can find more information about OUA Internships here.


PCS Abroad Internships

PCS also offers upperclassmen the opportunity to apply for an internship specifically designed for our beloved program. Applications open in the fall semester and are chosen by the beginning of the spring semester. Questions about these opportunities can be emailed directly to Kari Dawkins at

  • 2.5 Combined Retained GPA
  • Completion of your PCS Arezzo Adventures Application
  • Passport (valid through six months after return from study abroad)
  • Completetion of Online Application

Spending a summer in Arezzo is comparable in price to spending a summer on campus. The most variable costs are expenses for entertainment and weekend travels. Students can substantially reduce overall cost by controlling those two factors. Your study abroad adviser will walk you through anticipated expenses for your Arezzo study abroad experience.


There are a number of scholarships available for study abroad students. Below is a partial list to get you started!